How to download Symantec Encryption products from the Broadcom download Portal (And where to find the license number for PGP)


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This article will walk you through how to download Symantec Enterprise Division Encryption products from the Broadcom Download portal.

Also, Symantec Encryption has two product lines.  SEE (Symantec Endpoint Encryption) and PGP-Heritage Products like Symantec Encryption Management Server (PGP Universal Server), Symantec Encryption Desktop (PGP Desktop, File Share Encryption, and Desktop Email Encryption).  This will guide you in how to download each.  



Important Tip: To find out how to obtain your license number for Symantec Encryption Desktop (File Share Encryption, or Email Encryption), Symantec Encryption Management Server, or PGP Command Line, see article 206503.



To get started, go to and select the “Login” option on the top-right corner:

If you have not registered an account, you can register at this same portal.  

Once you’re logged in, you should see your name appear on the top right:


Next, click “DOWNLOADS” from the top menu:

TIP 1: If you have a support login, but do not have any products available, you will need to obtain your Site ID and register that with your support account.  For information on this, check the "Adding a Site ID to your profile" section of article 142873, which will allow you to associate the entitlements to your account and allow you to download products and log support cases with Symantec Support.

For any issues or if your software is not listed as you expect, please contact Customer Care and they can help you get your account setup:

Tip 2: If your SiteID does not add in the product you were expecting, check your email for your "Contract Number" and contact Customer Care.
If you do not have your email any longer, contact your sales representative and they can help you locate this.

This will bring you to the page where you can type the name of any product.  In this example, we will be searching for “Endpoint Encryption”:


Next, choose the version and for the language drop down choose “Multilingual”:


Next, click the “Endpoint Encryption” hyperlink to the left:


This will bring you to the main download page where you can see the versions available to you. 

In this example, we chose version 11.3, so you can see all of these versions available to you.  To download, click the cloud download icon:

TIP: If the cloud icon is grayed out where you can't click, you will want to scroll up a little and agree to the license agreement and then the cloud icon should then highlight:

Note: As of the time of this writing, Symantec Endpoint Encryption 11.3.0 MP1HF2 was the most recent version.


This will open a new tab and may display a message:



To search for all Encryption products, go back to the main download overview page, and type “Encryption”.  For the Symantec Encryption Management Server (PGP Heritage products), you'll want to click on "Encryption Management Server".  At the time of this writing, the current version of SEMS is 10.5 (Consult the "Current Version" article for more information on the current versions of all Encryption solutions.


There are other encryption products you can download, such as PGP Command Line.  For those products, type “PGP” in the search field: