PGP Command Line license displays as "Invalid" on VMware systems
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PGP Command Line license displays as "Invalid" on VMware systems


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After successfully licensing and using PGP Command Line on a system on a VMware machine, the software license displays as invalid.

PGP Command Line is licensed based on the number of processors on the computer. If the processor allocated to the VMware instance changes, the PGP Command Line license can be affected by the change and display the license as invalid.


This issue can be resolved by configuring the processor affinity for the instance of VMware machine where PGP Command Line is installed. This prevents VMware from allocating different processors to the VMware instance for your PGP Command Line.

If DRS is enabled for your VMware, that is, your hardware resources are being moved around, and it is not possible for you to configure the option to for CPU affinity, a workaround to this issue is to include the licensing information with the batch file when performing encryption.  

As part of your scripting, you could include logic to check for the license status, and if it shows as "Invalid", then have your script execute the following command:

pgp --license-authorize --license-number "Your license here" --force

This should re-license the PGP Command Line and correct the situation.  Once this is run, have your script check to ensure the license state is now valid, and then proceed to your commands.

Depending on how frequently your hardware resources are "moved" will dictate how often you will need to check.  As this may be difficult to manage, we recommend finding a way to ensure your hardware resources, and in particular, your CPUs are not rotated from the current VM system.

For more information on licensing PGP Command Line, see the following article:

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