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Logging a Support case for Symantec Endpoint Encryption, Symantec Endpoint Protection and other Symantec Enterprise Security Solutions


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Endpoint Encryption Endpoint Protection


A common issue for Symantec Customers is submitting a case for products that may be similar in naming convention, but are different security solutions, such as Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) VS Symantec Endpoint Encryption, which can be confusing to know how to log the support case. 

To ensure you log the case in the proper queue and avoid potential delays, this article will provide some guidance on how to log Symantec Security products.


Prerequisites before you can log a support case through the portal:

*Create a Support Account at the online portal.  Go to, click "Login" on the top-right of the screen and either login or register.
Once you create your Broadcom support account, you will need your Site ID for the product you need help with.

*Associate your Site ID for your support contract with your account.  Once you have created your account and have a Site ID for your contract, associate that to your support account. 
See the following article for information on this, either obtaining the SiteID or adding it to your account:
142873 - Obtain a Broadcom Support Site ID or upgrade a Broadcom account



When you go to the support portal, click on "Symantec Enterprise Security":

Next, click on "Case Management"

You will see a list of your cases you've logged if you have done so previously.  On the top-right corner of the screen, click on the "Create Case" button.

You will then be taken to a form to fill out.  Look at the information below to determine how to log your case with the proper group and avoid any misroutes of cases:



If you need assistance with our Symantec Encryption software solutions, submit the case under "Symantec Endpoint Encryption".

If you need assistance with Symantec Encryption Management Server (SEMS - PGP Universal Server, PGP Encryption Desktop or PGP-heritage products), choose Encryption Management Server.

Logging Cases Other Symantec Security Products

If you need assistance with Altiris\IT Management Suite\Endpoint Management, choose the product "Client Management Suite" as the product.

If you need assistance with the Symantec Antivirus software, and/or Symantec Endpoint Protection applications, or SEPM, choose "Symantec Endpoint Protection".

If you need assistance with the Symantec Phishing protection or "Phishing security"choose "Symantec Email" or "" when you log a case.

If you need assistance with Symantec Email Labs, submit the case under Email

If you need assistance with Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG/ On-Prem Solution), choose Symantec Messaging Gateway.

If you need assistance with "Service Virtualization", when you select your product, choose "SV" or "Service Virtualization".

Each of our Symantec Enterprise Security teams are happy to assist!

If your SiteID is expired, or does not list the Symantec  Endpoint Encryption or Symantec Endpoint Protection products (or any other Symantec products you would expect to see), please contact our Customer Care folks for further assistance.

To contact customer care, see the following URL and phone number:

Phone: 800-225-5224

Important Note: If you have a Sev1/Production Down issue, please contact customer care for prompt assistance.  Cases logged in the support portal can be logged as Sev2 or lower priority only.