How to find your license number for Symantec Encryption products


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This document will show you how to locate your license number from the Broadcom portal.

Symantec Enterprise Division has two product lines/branches:

1. Symantec Endpoint Encryption version version 11
(Drive Encryption and Removable Media Encryption)


2. Symantec Encryption Management Server version 10 and Symantec Encryption Encryption 10 - PGP Heritage Products
(Email Encryption, File Encryption, Full Drive Encryption, USB Drive Encryption, File Share Encryption and Virtual Disks).


The former product does not use a license number and enables all features by default. 

The latter product does use license numbers and can be downloaded from the Broadcom portal. 


To find out how to download your products from the Broadcom Download Portal, see KB article 193931.

To understand how our products are licensed, see KB article 153245



To find your license number, login to your broadcom support portal at  Click on "My Entitlements"



Enter your Site ID into this field and click search:

Your Site ID will display all the products you are entitled to. Click on "My Sites" to expand the product listing:


Once you see Endpoint Encryption, expand the product. Click on the "License" ribbon:


This will take you to the page where you will download the actual license number:

If you hover over the download icon highlighted below, the mouse cursor does not change form, but click on it anyway and this will download an slf file.

Open the .slf file with a text editor and you will see the 28-alpha-numeric string, which is your license number based on the entitlements.  You may need to click each serial number before you find the correct one.


For further assistance finding your license number if it is still not listed here, contact the Broadcom Customer Care team and they are able to assist in locating these.