Obtaining a license key under My Entitlements on the Broadcom support portal


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Support Portal Licensing - Symantec Products Licensing-CA


This article will guide you on how to navigate regarding your associated entitlements/contracts and also in reference to downloading software and licenses.

  • Where can I find my CA and Symantec licenses?
  • How to get my product licenses?
  • How to download my licenses?
  • How to renew my licenses?
  • Unable to find the licenses on the support portal


License keys are available on Broadcom Support Portal, where users will have the ability to authenticate to the portal, download products and generate new license keys. The following section covers the Entitlement View experience and capabilities within the Broadcom Support Portal.

To access License keys on "My Entitlements" Page

Important: License keys are available on Support Portal - "My - entitlements Page". To get access to the site id, user must register on the Broadcom Support Portal and request Enterprise Site Access in order to use this feature.

Once the user have access to the site id, please follow the following instructions to download the license keys.

  1. Log in to the Broadcom Support Portal at https://support.broadcom.com/user/.
  2. Select the appropriate product division:
  3. Click on the My Entitlement tile.

  4. Search by Product Name, Serial Number (Symantec), Site ID or by keyword.

  5. Apart from the contract status, start date and end date, there are following different options available on the page.
    • Contract details: Will display the contract details.
    • Download: For Software Downloads, select the Download icon. For details on the full software downloads experience please refer to the Product Downloads.
    • License: For License keys and appliance management, select the License icon

  6. To get the license file, click on license icon. Keys are either downloaded or generated based upon the product.

CA product licenses additional information

For CA products, the license section will display one of the following options:

  1. Download License- for products where machine details are not required.
  2. Enter Machine Details- for products requiring machine details in order to generate a license file.
  3. No key required- for products where the latest release is keyless.
  4. Case number- for products where manual keys were generated and emailed to the shipping contact within the contract

Known Issues: Entitlement records may expand to multiple lines if there are inactive/expired records for the entitlement – the dates and status will indicate which record is active. 

Symantec product licenses additional information

  • For Legacy Symantec products, customers can retrieve the existing key by selecting the Download. The download will retrieve the existing key – a new key will not be generated
  • For older Symantec products, the license key may not be available. If the product is still supported, the key may be obtained from Customer Support.
  • For Symantec Network Protection products, the same tabs from MySymantec were replicated in the Broadcom portal: Download License, Software Add On, Swap, Upgrade, and Credentials.

SaaS Product Licenses

Once the Saas product is provisioned, a separate email will be sent with all the required links and license information. 

Unable to find my licenses on the Support Portal

There could be multiple reasons for the license not showing up on the Broadcom Support Portal - "My entitlements page".


  1. User doesn't have access to the correct site id.
  2. Licenses got renewed recently under a different site id.


User needs to get access to the correct site id. If the licenses are listed under a different site id, then please add the site id by following the instructions mentioned in the article.

If you need help in finding your Site ID, use the Support Site ID request Form to find your Site ID or use our Virtual Agent chat in the lower-right corner of the Broadcom Support Portal.

Renew my expired license keys

To renew, extend, or purchase new license, please contact your Account Manager or reach out to Sales by submitting the request here.

Licenses can also be purchased through Broadcom authorized distributors and partners in their region or country. Find a partner using the Partner Locator.


If you need any assistance with licenses, please contact customer care team by initiating a chat on the Support Portal or create a case using the Webform.