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This article helps you to upgrade your profile to access more of Broadcom products and services. Once upgraded, the profile will also be able to use MFA on login.


If you are a new (Basic) user and need to add your Company products under Site ID to your profile, then build your profile and upgrade your access by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Log in to Broadcom Support Portal at

  2. Go to ‘Build your profile’ page to upgrade your access or Select My Profile under your Name Drop Down

  3. Click on ‘Yes, I want to Build My profile’ to unlock additional services

  4. Select the appropriate Checkbox to again access to the products under your company site id(s).

  5. To get access to Broadcom Software (Enterprise, Mainframe ,Symantec & Payment security), Select the checkbox and enter the Site ID and contact number and then verify the site id.

  6. If the Site ID is valid as per Broadcom records, you will receive a confirmation on screen. If not, you will be given 2 more attempts to enter a valid site id as below. If you enter the invalid site id/incorrect site id 3 times, you account will be locked for the day.

    Note: If you do not know the site ID, click on Need help locating your Site ID to request for site ID.

    How to Obtain Site ID?
    The Support Site ID (often referred to as Support ID, Enterprise Site ID, SID, or just Site ID) is located in the Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) email from Broadcom Software Delivery at the close of your contract or contract renewal and is sent to "Technical Contact" of the contract. The ESD email contains your enterprise Site ID, Contract number, and other information you need to register and download your Broadcom products.

  7. Select Submit once the Site id is validated and you will be asked to review and verify the details before confirming.

  8. After submitting your request, you will see the message notification as "Thank you for upgrading!". An email will be sent to your registered email address.

Note: The request will either route to your current Site ID user administrator or if the Site ID does not have an active administrator, to Broadcom Customer Care. Customer Care will process your request within 24 hours or less.

(Existing Users) Add additional Site IDs to your profile

If you are an existing user and already have a Site ID and built your Profile, then, you can add additional Site IDs to your profile by following the steps mentioned in the link.

Additional Information

If you need any assistance with licenses, please contact Broadcom Customer Care by initiating a live chat on the Support Portal, or Create a new case.