Merge and split license keys for VMware products
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Merge and split license keys for VMware products


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Support Portal VMware


This article shows how to merge and split your VMware License keys on the Broadcom support portal.

Important notes:

  • Only license keys with the same product, edition, SKUs, segments (Commercial, Academic, etc.) can be combined.
            • Termed/Subscription Licenses can only be combined if their contract End-Dates match perfectly.
            • Additionally, Perpetual License keys cannot be combined with Termed/Subscription License Keys.
  • Only users with Split & Merge License Keys permissions can Split/Divide and Merge/Combine license keys. If you are a User Administrator of the site ID refer to Manage Users and Permissions in the folders.
  • Once a contract is "expired" you cannot upgrade/ downgrade, merge or split the License keys (any self Service).
  • NFR (Not for Resale) licenses shall only be used for Partner test, demo, and development purposes, as specifically authorized by your partner agreement. Partners are not permitted to perform license operations (combine/divide/upgrade/downgrade) on NFRs with non-NFR licenses obtained from VMware. Use of NFRs in any production and end user environment is strictly prohibited.


Before you begin: If you do not have an account in the Broadcom software portal, refer to Register for an account on the Broadcom Support Portal and Communities.

If you are not aware of your site ID, refer to Find your Support Site ID.

If you are an Enterprise user and require access to other site ID's, refer to Adding additional Broadcom Site IDs to an existing profile.

  1. Log in to Support portal > My Dashboard.
  2. From the My Entitlements > Go to Access the Licensing page.

Steps to Merge the license keys

  1. Select a Site ID
  2. Click on the Home folder to see the sub folders and associated license keys.
  3. Select the License keys
  4. Click Merge License tab
  5. Verify the License key, Quantity and Folder details and click Merge.
  6. Accept that you have read and understood the Warning of the Merge action, then click Continue.
  7. The change takes place immediately, the New Merged License key along with the quantity will be displayed.
  • Note: Newly created License Key will have a Badge ''New'' visible in under license key

Steps to Split the license key

  1. Highlight the checkbox next to the key to be Split
  2. Choose the number of new keys.
    Note: The product must be of quantity above 1'
  3. Accept that you have read and understood the Warning of the Split action, then click Continue.

The change takes place immediately. The confirmation is displayed along with the new keys.

  • Note: Newly created License Key will have a Badge ''New'' visible in under license key.

Additional Information

If you experience issues when Merging/Splitting license keys, follow the below troubleshooting steps:

  • If you are associated with multiple accounts, ensure that you are working within the correct account. You can switch between accounts in the dropdown option at the top of the License Keys page.
  • Ensure that you have "Merge/Split License keys" permissions. If not, get in touch with your site user Administrator, and they can add necessary permissions to your account.
  • For Merging keys: Make sure that the keys are the same product, edition, have the same SKUs, segments.
  • To Split license keys: Make sure you are not trying to split a license that has a quantity of 1. License keys that have a quantity of 1 cannot be Split.