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How do I download Broadcom product software and solutions (PTFs) for any Mainframe Software, Enterprise Software, and Symantec Security Enterprise software from Product Downloads on the Broadcom Support Portal?

  • Product downloads
  • Solution downloads (and building PTF solution carts)


The following procedures describe how to download Mainframe Software, Enterprise Software, and Symantec Security Enterprise software and solutions from Product Downloads on the Broadcom Support Portal. For tips on searching from the portal, see Solution Search Tips

Note: These procedures assume that you have already registered on the Broadcom Support portal with a Support Site ID that has an active contract for the product you want to download. If you need help finding your Support Site ID, see “What is a Broadcom Support Site ID”.

Product Downloads

Use the following procedure to download product software.

  1. Select the Login button on the Broadcom Support portal ( and sign in with your login credentials.
    Note: Use the Register button to create an account if needed.

  2. Select a software division (Mainframe Software, Enterprise Software, or Symantec Enterprise Security after you are logged in.

  3. From the division page, select Product Downloads to access the download center.

    The Download Management page displays and prepopulates with a list of products in that division that have valid maintenance and that are associated with your Support Site ID.
  4. Select from this list of products or search by product name.

  5. After you select a product, available product downloads are displayed from the Product Download and Solution Download tabs. From the Product Download tab, select the release and service pack.

  6. Add the product to a cart to download later, download directly through a browser, or get an FTP link. (The cart method is useful for downloading multiple files).

    1. If you add the product download to the cart, navigate to the CART page to continue downloading.

    2. Verify the product/components in the CART and select CHECKOUT to complete the download process.

    3. Download the software using one of the download options listed in the cart: FTP or HTTP Browsers. Use FTP for individual downloads, orders, and zipped files. Use HTTP Browsers only for individual downloads. This option is not available for downloading orders and zipped files.

Solution Downloads

Use the following procedure to download product solutions and build solution carts. 

  1. Repeat steps 1 through 4 from the previous procedure to select the product you want.
    Available product downloads are displayed with two tabs: Product Download and Solution Downloads.
  2. Select the Solution Download tab to view all solutions for the product.

  3. Select the appropriate release.

    A list of available solutions is displayed.
  4. Select ADD ALL TO CART or use the search option to search by solution ID, component, or keyword.

    • For example, to search for a specific CA Recommended Service level like CAR1910, enter CAR1910 in the search box and then select SEARCH as shown below:

    • For example, you can use the following keywords to quickly find mainframe SMP/E PTF solutions.

Build Solution Carts

For z/OS products, we recommend that you use SMP/E Receive Order to submit requests for PTFs and HOLDDATA to a remote server. The packages are automatically downloaded to your mainframe system. See Configure SMP/E CA Internet Service Retrieval.   

Alternatively, you can use the following steps to create a package from the Broadcom Support Portal that contains the PTF solutions you want to install using SMP/E.

  1. Select the product you want and select the Solution Download tab.
  2. Use search filters to find solutions.
  3. Specify a date since the last solution was applied and select SEARCH.

  4. Select ADD ALL TO CART or add solutions to the cart individually.

    If you select ADD ALL TO CART, the solution cart will contain all solutions that are available since the date selected. After all solutions have been selected, select CART on the toolbar.

    The solution list to be included in the package is displayed.
  5. For mainframe products, you will be prompted to complete the PTF package with dependent solutions by specifying a date to chain back to. This option ensures that required prerequisite and corequisite solutions are provided in the package. Then select CHECKOUT to create the zip file.
    Important! If the build of a complete chain is not available, do not delete any solutions from the cart as this can cause the installation to fail. Only use delete to remove solutions that you know are not required.

  6. Download the zip file from the solution cart directly to the mainframe and UNZIP the solutions into a USS directory (see CAUNZIP procedures). 

For details about downloading HOLDDATA, see Holddata procedures.

If you need any assistance, contact the customer care team by initiating a chat on the Broadcom Support Portal.

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