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The product and solution download process for the Mainframe, Enterprise, and Symantec Enterprise Security software divisions has been enhanced to provide:

  • Updated Product Download pages that have been simplified to make selection of the products you want to download easier
  • Separate download pages for Primary Downloads and Additional Downloads if applicable. You no longer have to scroll through multiple pages and items to select the product files you want.
  • Solution search tips from the solution download and solution list pages.

Note: To download a product or solution, you must be a registered user on the Broadcom Support portal with a Support Site ID that has an active contract for the product you want to download. If you need help obtaining or locating your Broadcom Support ID, see Obtain a Broadcom Support ID.


From Download Management on the Broadcom Support Portal, the product and solution download process now provides:

Product Download Simplification

After selecting the product that you want from the Download Management page, the Product Download page appears. This page has been simplified to remove the download options and only show a list of products that match your product selection. On the new Product Download page, Service Pack has been renamed to Service Level.

To review and select the product files you want to download, select the product you want from the Products list and specify the release, service level, and language as necessary.

Note: If you can download the product using Docker, the download options appear.

New "Primary Downloads" Tab

After making your product selection from the Products list on the Product Download page, the available product files are displayed on the Primary Downloads tab. Other product files are displayed on the Additional Downloads tab if applicable.

The Primary Downloads tab only contains the available product-specific packages. The product files appear at the top of the list, which means you no longer have to scroll through multiple pages and items in the packaging list to find the files you want.

Note: Mainframe software products can include two types of packages: SMP/E JCL and z/OSMF. You can install the SMP/E JCL package using JCL or CA Chorus™ Software Manager. You can install the z/OSMF package using z/OSMF Deployments. If more than one package is available, you can only select one. For information about these installation methods, see the product-specific documentation on

In this example, we chose CA Database Organizer for IMS for z/OS from the Products list on the Product Download page.

New "Additional Downloads" Tab

From the Product Download page, the new "Additional Downloads" tab appears with the Primary Downloads tab if applicable. For mainframe software, this page contains product files such as common services, utilities, and other related product files that are associated with the product that you are downloading. You can expand and collapse these files as needed to see the files that are available. Unrelated common files have been removed. 

Make your product file selections and then use one of the available download options to download the product files. You can:

  • Add the files to the cart to download later. This option is useful for downloading multiple files.
  • Download from an FTP link. Use this option for individual downloads, orders, and zipped files. FTP is the fastest and most efficient download method.
  • Download directly through a browser. Use this option only for individual downloads.

New Solution Search Tips

From the Product Download page, select Solution Downloads to locate and select solutions you want to download for your products. Review the Solution Search Help for tips about searching by solution number, CARS level, operating system, product name, and mainframe keywords. You can also learn how to build solution carts by date.

Note: For z/OS products, we recommend that you use SMP/E Receive Order to submit requests for PTFs and HOLDDATA to a remote server. The packages are automatically downloaded to your mainframe system. See Configure SMP/E CA Internet Service Retrieval.   

Additional Information

For information about downloading product files and solutions, see Download & Search Product Help and Solution Search Help.