Messaging Gateway 10.8 release notes and late breaking news
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Messaging Gateway 10.8 release notes and late breaking news


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Release notes and late breaking information for Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) 10.8


System Status and Outage Information

Symantec Messaging Gateway Status

Release Notes

Late Breaking News


SMG 10.8.2 is a hardware specific release for the new SMG 8390 hardware platform. Older SMG hardware systems cannot be updated to 10.8.2 and the SMG 8390 platform cannot be rolled back to the 10.8.1 as 10.8.1 does not have some hardware specific components needed by the 8390.

In some cases customers attempting to add a 8390 hardware device running 10.8.2 into an existing 10.8.1 environment find that the 10.8.2 device cannot be added to a 10.8.1 Control Center for management. The current resolution to this issue is under investigation but at the time of this writing the most straightforward way of addressing the issue is to update all SMG systems to the 10.9.0 release.


What's new in 10.8.1

  •  Authenticated NTP
  • Configurable SSH session timeout
  • Additional optional filters to the Message Audit Logs search
  • Ability to configure the text used in email delay and rejection notification messages
  • Ability to require MTA client certificates on reception

Issues addressed with the 10.8.1 release

Outstanding issues

Patch 10.8.0-293

Issues addressed with patch 10.8.0-293

  • Alerts are sent to the administrator daily regarding the 'tmagent' process.
  • In some cases, after upgrading to 10.8.0, the quarantine present on the Control Center is marked as 'inactive'. 
  • An error appears in the BrightmailLog.log any time the administrator adds a new quarantine folder. 
  • In some cases, the administrator is unable to save changes to the customer-specific URL category settings.
  • In some cases, the administrator is unable activate up policy sharing.
  • If the online help is accessed more than once from a given screen of the Control Center, without reloading the Control Center, it will fail.


Issues addressed with the 10.8.0 release

Outstanding issues