Download license keys for Broadcom, CA, Symantec, and VMware products
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Download license keys for Broadcom, CA, Symantec, and VMware products


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Learn how to download licenses or subscriptions for Broadcom, CA, Symantec, and VMware products.

This article also covers the following:

  • How to find, download, or obtain product licenses
  • Symantec license files (SLF)
  • Bluecoat license files (BCL)
  • CA license keys, LMP, ALP, on-prem CA products, etc
  • Mainframe EKG license files
  • Upgrading and downgrading VMware licensing keys


License keys are available on the Broadcom Support Portal. Once authenticated with a valid Site ID, you can download products that you are entitled to and generate new license keys.

Important: Before you begin

Before you can generate and download license keys, you must have a valid Site ID and upgrade your account.

  1. Obtain a Broadcom Site ID
  2. Create a Basic User Account
  3. Build your profile to unlock additional services

To access license keys

With a valid Site ID, follow these steps to generate and download your license keys from the My Entitlements page:

  1. Log in to the Broadcom Support Portal.
  2. In the upper-right corner, select the appropriate product division by clicking the drop-down adjacent to your login name:

    • Mainframe Software
    • Enterprise Software
    • Cyber Security Software
    • Payment Security Software
    • VMware Cloud Foundation
    • Tanzu
    • Application Networking and Security
    • Software Defined Edge
    • Brocade Storage Networking
    • Semiconductors

  3. In the left menu, click My Entitlements.

  4. In the search box, search by product name, serial number (Symantec), Site ID, or keyword. Or, for entitled products, expand the Site Name, Site ID, or drop-down arrow.

  5. Click the Entitlement Details tab to go to the License page.

    In addition to the Contract Status, Start Date, and End Date, you have the following options on the License page.

  6. Click on the Licenses icon.

  7. Under Active Keys > Action, click the download icon.

    Keys are either downloaded or generated, depending on the product you've selected.

CA licenses

For CA products, the Licensing section displays one of the following options:

  • Download License - For products where machine details are not required.
  • Enter Machine Details - For products requiring machine details to generate a license file.
  • No Key Required - For products where the latest release is keyless.
  • Case Number - For products where manual keys were generated and emailed to the Shipping Contact of the Contract.

Note: Entitlement records may expand to multiple lines if there are inactive/expired records for the entitlement – the dates and status will indicate which record is active. 

Symantec licenses

For Symantec products such as Symantec Endpoint Protection, Data Loss Prevention, and others, including those that use Symantec License Files (SLF), see the following:

VMware licenses

For VMware products, see the following:

SaaS product licenses

Once your Saas product is provisioned, Broadcom sends a separate email with the required links and license information. 

Unable to find my licenses

If you cannot find your license on the Broadcom Support Portal, see Cannot find my licenses for Broadcom, CA, and Symantec products.

Renew expired license keys

To renew, extend, or purchase new licenses, see Purchase or renew Broadcom licenses and subscriptions.

Additional Information

If you need any assistance with licenses, please contact Broadcom Customer Care by phone, live chat, or create a new case online.

This article helps with various licenses or subscriptions, including the "Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 subscription license with support", and others such as:

  • arp-va-c1xs-1y
  • casb-gat-e31-newb-1k-2500-1y
  • cld-web-sub
  • cseweg-sub
  • dlp-cseweg-sub
  • dlp-mpw-sub
  • dlp-ose2-sub
  • dlp-ps-nfr-1y
  • eml-dri-sub
  • eml-gsc-sc-50-99-1y
  • eml-pc-new-100-249-1y
  • eml-sgc-sc-50-99-1y
  • eml-sgc-sub
  • enc-cmd1-2-sub
  • enc-cmd1-2-sub trial key
  • enc-dee-sub
  • enc-fse-sub
  • enc-gee-sub
  • endpoint protection, subscription license with support, 1-99 devices, 1y
  • endpoint security enterprise, hybrid subscription license with support, 1-99 devices, 1y
  • endpoint security enterprise, hybrid subscription license with support, 500 devices, 1y symantec - ses-sub-500-plus
  • ep-new-s-25-50-1y
  • es-sub-1-99
  • fi-kasp-1000-1999-1yr
  • fi-symc-1000-2499-1yr
  • ghost solution suite, subscription license with support, per device, 1y
  • gss-srv-new-1-25-1y
  • gss-sub
  • is-ext-awaa-swg-2500-5000-1y
  • is-ext-swsa-swg-1000-2500-1y
  • isg-pr-sub
  • isg-waf-sub
  • is-prs-100-1y
  • is-swsa-swg-100-250-1y
  • is-swsa-swg-2500-5000-1y
  • mc-v10-1-1y
  • rnw-kasp-2000-4999-1yr
  • seb-sub-1-99
  • sec-saas-sub
  • sep-add-1-25
  • sep-add-s-1-25-1y
  • sep-add-s-250-500-1y
  • sep-edr-new-1k-2499-1y
  • sep-ext-s-50-99-1y-b
  • sep-new-s-1-24-3y-b
  • sep-new-s-1-99-1y-b
  • sep-new-s-250-500-1y
  • sep-new-s-50-99-1y-b
  • sep-new-s-ag-100-249-1y-b
  • sep-new-s-ag-1-25-1y
  • sep-rnw-1-24-b
  • sep-rnw-50-99-b
  • sep-sc-s-1-25-1y
  • sep-sub-1
  • sep-sub-100-499
  • sep-sub-1-99
  • sep-sub-1-99 2239125
  • sep-sub-500-plus
  • sep-sub-1-99 endpoint protection, subscription license with support, 1-99 devices, 1y
  • sesc-ses-sub
  • ses-new-1-24-1y
  • ses-sub-100-499
  • ses-sub-1-90
  • ses-sub-1-99
  • ses-sub-500-plus
  • sg-s400-20-u5001
  • sg-va-c1s-se-1y
  • sg-va-c1xs-se-1y
  • sipsa-new-1y
  • smg-sb-250-sub
  • sms-mseavas-sub
  • spe-clds-ext-1-25-tr-1y
  • spe-sserv-usr-sub
  • sps-ee-ext-1k-2500-fte-1y
  • sps-sub-100-499
  • sps-sub-1-99
  • sps-sub-500-plus
  • s-sbe-new-1-24-1y-b
  • s-sbe-new-1-25-1y
  • sup-sub-100-499
  • svc-bcwf-50-99-1y
  • svc-bcwf-50-99-1yr
  • sws-sub-1-99
  • vip-ai-otp-tb-10-99-3y
  • vip-ai-otp-tbt-10-99-3yw
  • vip-b2e-new-100-249-usr-1y
  • vip-b2e-usr-sub
  • Symantec License Files (SLF)