New user guide for Broadcom Support Portal
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New user guide for Broadcom Support Portal


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Support Portal


This guide helps Broadcom customers and partners navigate the Broadcom Support portal, work with support case management personnel, and access the Broadcom Communities, including blogs, discussion forums, and other helpful resources.



We appreciate having you as a new customer with Broadcom Software and are committed to your success. When you adopt a software solution from Broadcom, you gain access to an award-winning team of professionals whose mission is to make sure we eliminate any barriers between your ideas and business outcomes. We focus on delivering this mission by putting your organization at the center of all we do and earning your trust as a strategic partner. We do this by:


  • Focusing on the experience you want to have; and delivering it.
    We know you'll go through an entire lifecycle of learning, adapting, and expanding your use of our technology, and we'll be there for you throughout the journey. Customer Success teams are available to assist with personalized onboarding, driving your return on investment, and initiating upgrade planning and execution and Customer Care is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Refer to Contact Broadcom support.

  • Responding quickly when you ask us questions.
    We are proud of the top marks our technical support teams earn in customer satisfaction surveys. We look forward to sharing our expertise and handling your requests with speed and reliability.

  • Providing you with the right resources.
    Our technical, education, and account team professionals; along with an array of self-service options (including online Communities) offer great ways to connect, learn, and share.

  • Soliciting your feedback, and responding to it.
    We want to hear about your ongoing experiences with us, and how your needs evolve. Please expect invitations to share your feedback by way of surveys throughout the year.

Thank you again for choosing Broadcom. We look forward to serving you.


Customer Care and Support Overview

Your Success is Our Responsibility.

Across Broadcom, multiple teams are committed to your success. You can count on us to be a strategic partner and to consistently deliver a superior experience. We put your organization at the center of all we do, and we orchestrate each customer interaction to ensure positive business outcomes. Ultimately, when you succeed, we succeed. The following table compares the tasks performed by Customer Care versus Support.

Customer Care:


  • Provides license keys.
  • Provides Broadcom Support Portal assistance (including registration, password, Case management, and product download support).
  • Provides account services (such as billing and address changes).
  • Offers non-technical assistance in Customer Care Community. 
  • Provides technical support for product usage, downloads, installation, upgrades, and migrations.
  • Answers your technical questions and helps you resolve your Broadcom software problems.
  • Participates in communities to help answer product-related questions.
  • Writes publicly accessible knowledge articles based on past issues to help facilitate self-service support.
  • Submits product change requests to product engineering teams.

Why Register?

If you are a new user and bought software products from Broadcom, the first thing you want to do is register your product so that you can take advantage of the many exclusive online resources Broadcom has to offer. The following resources are available:

  • Broadcom Education – Instructor-led and online courses
  • Broadcom Support – case management
  • Broadcom Partner Portal
  • Product Documentation
  • Product downloads
  • License downloads
  • Solution downloads
  • Certification exams


New User?

Each team member should register at my Broadcom with your company email address and Enterprise Site ID. The following steps will guide you to create a Broadcom account and add the site IDs to the profile. 


Support Portal Online Basic Registration

 Users must first create an account with Broadcom (Basic Account). Creating an account gives basic access to and Broadcom Communities. 

However, this basic registration does not automatically give access to case management, download management, and premium support content. To access these areas, one must upgrade the account with a site ID.


Upgrading and Adding a Site ID to your profile

The Support Site ID often referred to as Support ID, SID, or just Site ID is located in the Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) email from Broadcom Software Delivery at the close of your contract or contract renewal and sent to the "Technical Contact" on the contract. 

The ESD email contains your enterprise Site ID, contract number, and other information you need to register and download your Broadcom products. If you need help finding your Site ID, see Find your Support Site ID or use our Virtual Agent chat in the lower-right corner of this website. 

To get access to case management, product downloads, entitlements, etc.

User Administration Access

The Broadcom Support portal offers you the opportunity to designate an administrator. These user administrators will have the ability to process registration requests and maintain user access. More specifically, they can add contacts associated with their site, update a site contact’s information, and remove contacts. This functionality applies to enterprise users worldwide and to partners with enterprise Broadcom site IDs. If user administrators are not responding to pending enrollments for a site, Broadcom may notify administrators of pending enrollments. If no response is received, enrollments will be processed based on Broadcom business rules. 

To get access, follow the User Admin Registration.

Once designated, user administrators see an Administration menu option under My Account after signing in to the Broadcom Support portal. From the Administration menu option, they can access the following administration functionality:

  • Registration requests – Review and approve or deny requests for access to specific sites.
  • Users and permissions – Review, edit, and revoke access for users to specific sites.
  • Audit reporting – Create reports of user activity for specific sites, users, and date ranges.

Note: As a best practice, each site should have at least two user administrators, a primary and a secondary, to ensure coverage when the primary is unavailable.


Product and Solution Downloads

Users can download the products they are entitled to from our support portal in easy steps. To download the product, you must be registered on the Broadcom Support Portal and have access to a Support Site ID with an active contract for the desired products.


License and My Entitlements

All customer entitlements, product downloads, and license keys have been migrated to the Broadcom Support Portal and can be located within the My Entitlements page.

Once logged in, customers can:

  • View all entitlements owned by the account(s) they are associated with
  • Download license keys for Enterprise Software, Mainframe Software, and Symantec Security
    Note: License keys cannot be split, returned, or regenerated
  • Filter search results by product name, active and expired contract status, or serial number (Symantec)
  • Locate the contract number for each product

My PLA (Portfolio License Agreement) Entitlements Guide

To have the ability to access/ manage PLA Entitlements, one must have access to the site ID and the subscription Management role added to their Enterprise Support Portal Profile.

If you need any assistance in getting access to PLA Entitlements, please contact your User Administrator or the Broadcom Customer Care Team via Live Chat, on the support portal or contact us.


Broadcom Case Management

Broadcom Case Management system allows the customer to open, track, and update cases. It is an easier way to get assistance from Broadcom support for your Products.

Note: One must have access to a valid support Site ID with active Support entitlements.


Learning with Broadcom Education

Join one of the 25,000 courses taught each year by award-winning instructors who average more than 20 years of experience and boast a 94 percent satisfaction rating. 

Broadcom delivers a rich array of free training resources that help you make the most of your investment. Access our free, instructor-led webcasts, and web-based product training courses by logging into the Broadcom support portal My Dashboard and clicking on Learning@Broadcom.

If you have questions, refer to Broadcom Education contacts.


Product Notification

Product notification will help you get notified of new product releases, patches, or critical alerts. Please follow these steps to subscribe to product notifications

  • Critical Alert: Defined as a high-impact and/or pervasive software problem that has been determined to be critical to the operation of the product, or major impact on the customer's environment, or may negatively impact a large number of customers.
  • Product Advisories are defined as moderate—or low-impact and/or non-pervasive software problems that have been determined to affect the operation of the product in one or more of our customers' environments.
  • Release Announcements: Notifying customers of the product life cycle (GA, EOS, EOL, Compatibility Matrix, feature releases). 
  • Product Update: This is defined as potential security risks, vulnerabilities, and available remediations that affect the customer's environment.


Status Page

The new Broadcom Service Status is a single unified public portal that displays the availability of Broadcom's software products.

Our platform is a self-service portal that enables anyone to subscribe to each of our product pages to receive notifications of incidents, planned maintenance, and emergency maintenance. You can subscribe to any of our pages via the following methods (click on each method for instructions on how to subscribe), or click here for an overview of the Broadcom Service Status service:

Customers can manage email, SMS, Slack, Google Chat and Microsoft Teams in one account - including multiple product subscriptions.

Note: Our Service Status platform is for notification purposes only and does not relate to any of Broadcom's Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


Joining Broadcom Communities

Broadcom Communities is the place where customers have 24/7 access to collaborate on Broadcom products. The platform goes far beyond social networking. Customers, partners, and Broadcom employees come to these communities to get answers, submit ideas, share best practices, view product tips, attend webcasts, and more. Communities are open to the public for browsing and searching. If you are a registered user, you will have access to comment, vote on product ideation, and more.

Network with Your Peers

One benefit of joining these communities is to meet peers and experts who use the same products you do. Special programs such as Communities Champions, Community Spotlight, Technical Exchange Events, and webcasts are available to the most active community members.

Find Answers

Communities are divided by expertise and product sets. Each individual community has a different customer base with different levels of interaction. On average, more than 50 percent of the questions posted in the community are answered within one to two days. Over 75 percent of questions get a first-day response. 

Submit Ideas

Product Managers at Broadcom's main product communities for product ideas and feedback. In short, customers help shape future versions by submitting ideas and gathering votes from their peers. 

To date, customers and partners have contributed to more than 2,000 product features and enhancements. 

Get Product Tips 

The community goes beyond tackling issues. Product communities foster innovative conversations with tips on how to take product usage to the next level. Technical tips are one of the most viewed content types within communities.

Ready to Get Started?

Start with The Water Cooler community, your go-to spot to ask questions, submit ideas, or find tips, tricks, and training pertaining to Broadcom Communities.

Support Availability

Customers who have a current Software and Maintenance Agreement in place have access to Broadcom Support. To confirm the maintenance and support purchased by your company (per Site ID), contact Customer Care using the chat option available on the Broadcom Support Portal or Contact Broadcom support. Once your registration is connected to the proper Site ID, you'll be able to access the support that your company site is entitled to including:

  • Support case management
  • Support escalation access
  • Downloads for products, solutions, and patches
  • Extended knowledge base articles
  • Advanced search capabilities

How to Buy

Customers can purchase products through Broadcom Authorized Distributors in their region or country. Customers who have Direct Purchasing Agreements with Broadcom must register to order online.

Broadcom Sales Contact 

Broadcom Partners and Distributors

Maintenance Policy

Maintenance is designed to protect and maximize a customer’s investment in Broadcom products. This policy handbook sets forth guidelines for doing business with Broadcom and describes Broadcom policies relating to the new purchase and renewal of entry-level maintenance offerings for Broadcom products as follows:

  • On-premises software (perpetually licensed and subscription including ancillary CA Technologies, A Broadcom Company supplied hardware.
  • On-demand software (SaaS)

See the Maintenance Policy handbook.

The term “maintenance” refers to deliverables of Broadcom software’s entry-level maintenance offerings for software and hardware products.

All policies referred to herein are applicable globally, and to all Broadcom customers.

Customers with questions related to any aspect of a Broadcom policy should contact their reseller, Broadcom sales representative, or Broadcom customer assistance.