Subscribe to Service Status via Google Chat
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Subscribe to Service Status via Google Chat


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 Broadcom Service Status

As a trusted advisor to our customers, our service status site provides transparency around service availability and performance for Broadcom software products.

By subscribing through the Broadcom Service Status website, you can be notified of service interruptions and receive proactive maintenance notifications to Broadcom's software products, in a single view, without authenticating through a portal.


The status websites have been designed to be responsive, and are broken down per product and component, with three statuses:

  • Operational: Service and components are running without issues.
  • Degraded/Outage: Our service(s) is currently experiencing some issues impacting customers.
  • Under Maintenance: Service and components are currently under scheduled maintenance.

Notification methods

There are four ways to receive notifications:

  • Email - Get email notifications whenever Broadcom creates or updates an incident/maintenance.
  • SMS - Get SMS notifications whenever Broadcom creates or resolves an incident.
  • Slack - Get notifications in Slack for all incidents/maintenance.
  • Microsoft Teams - Get notifications in Microsoft Teams for all incidents/maintenance.
  • Google Chat - Get notifications in Google Chat spaces for all incidents/maintenance.

This article covers managing your subscriptions by Google Chat.

If you do not already have subscriptions setup, please first setup your subscriptions by following the steps in this article. 

Note: Please make sure you grant the appropriate permissions in your Google account (if prompted) to receive notifications via Google Chat.


Subscribe to Google Chat Notifications:

Once you have setup your subscriptions and are signed in on the Status Page, follow the steps below: 

  • Slide the 'Google Chat' icon to turn on notifications for Gchat. Then click on the button 'Add to Google Chat'

  • Enter your Google account credentials if you are not already signed in. If signed in, simply select the Google account you'd like to receive notifications on.

  • Once you've entered your Google account credentials, the page will load and display that the Google Chat notifications are now enabled (without the 'Add to Google chat' button).

  • Now, navigate to your Google chat window, and you should see a new space created called 'Broadcom Service Status' with a welcome message as below:

  • You will now start receiving notifications via this space in your Google chat account. Please note, updates to each notice appear in a threaded response in Google chat. Notifications will appear as below: 


  • Similar to Slack channels, it is possible to setup a space in Gchat and add members to the space so multiple users can receive notifications. However, the recommended practice is that users sign in, subscribe and create their own space to ensure they receive notifications for products of their choice rather than what another user is subscribed to.

Unsubscribe from Google Chat notifications

You can unsubscribe from notifications in Google chat by either logging in to your account at or clicking on the link in the first Google chat notification you would have received when subscribing. 

To unsubscribe by logging into the Status Page, simply toggle the Google chat notification icon and click Done: 

Or simply click on the 'Unsubscribe' link received in Google chat when you initially subscribed: