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How to license Symantec Encryption Management Server


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The Encryption Management Server license information is displayed on the System / General Settings page in the administration console. Depending on the license number, the fields displayed are either as follows:

  • Maximum users.
  • License Expiration.
  • Features.

or as follows:

  • License Expiration.
  • Features.

If the Maximum users field is not displayed, Encryption Management Server will not issue warnings concerning the number of users. However, you still need to purchase sufficient user licenses.




Symantec Encryption Management Server 3.3.2 MP13 and above.


You will be prompted to enter your License Number when you install Encryption Management Server from *.iso file. The License Number has the following format:


In Encryption Management Server prior to release 3.3.2 MP8 you also needed to enter additional fields such as Name and Organization.

If you upgrade Encryption Management Server, the existing license details are retained.

You may wish to replace an existing license in order to remove the Maximum users field. Please do the following once you have obtained the new license number:

  1. Click on the License button on the System / General Settings page in the administration console.
  2. You are warned You already have a license. Click OK to replace it. Click on the OK button to continue.
  3. Enter the new license number and click the OK button.

Additional Information


If you get the following error message, you are likely using an old license number on the PGP server. 


All modern versions of PGP Server will now use a new license number scheme.  You first need to get your license number from the download portal, and then you can go to each of the Consumer policies and click the "Use Default" option.