New UX Timesheets - getting started
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New UX Timesheets - getting started


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When enabling New / Modern User Experience (UX) Timesheets, there are some changes to be aware of. This article covers some of the known changes / behavior.


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  1. Prior to Implementing New UX Timesheets, it's recommended to take a screenshot of your settings in Administration->Project Management->Timesheet Options, as some settings may change when the New UX timesheets are enabled (even if you later switch back to Classic). Some changes that may be noticed depending on how you have configured your settings include:
    • If you had the COPY TIME ENTRIES FROM PREVIOUS TIMESHEET option enabled for use in Classic, this gets unchecked when you activate new timesheets. This will primarily impact users using Classic Timesheets.
    • When enabling New Timesheets, customizations to available columns under Default Content and Layout may be reset. These can be reconfigured after New Timesheets are enabled. Example: Columns such as Input Type Code and Charge Code are added to Selected Columns (if not already set in your configuration). 
    • Review the following documentation on techdocs for more details on changes to be aware of:
  2. For information on the behavior of Timesheets in general in New UX, here are some KBs to reference:
    1. New UX Timesheet Population Matrix
    2. If Proposed / Pending ETC is 0 in a New UX Timesheet, the task does not show on future timesheet
    3. New UX started tasks are not being added to new timesheet when assigned tasks is checked

Additional Information

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