Populate assigned Tasks, Copy time entries, and Include actuals Administration Impact in New UX


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What is the purpose of the below settings in Clarity Administration->Project Management->Timesheet Options settings (and how do they impact functionality in the New User Experience (UX)?

  • Populate assigned tasks 
  • Copy time entries from previous timesheet 
  • ( Include actuals from previous timesheet (except for incidents) )

Will these items be removed if they are unchecked?


Release: All Supported
Component: PPMTMM


The 3 settings in the Administration section determine what is checked by default for users when they go to create their first timesheet. But if a user overrides any of the defaults set, that is retained for the user going forward when they create timesheets. Unchecking these options will not remove them.

  • If all the settings are unchecked, when a user creates a timesheet, by default these 3 options would be unchecked. If the user then checks the 'Add Assigned Tasks' checkbox when creating their timesheet, then the next time they create a timesheet, the 'Add Assigned Tasks' checkbox is checked for the user.