If Proposed / Pending ETC is 0 in a New UX Timesheet, the task does not show on future timesheets
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If Proposed / Pending ETC is 0 in a New UX Timesheet, the task does not show on future timesheets


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Clarity PPM On Premise


  • In the New User Experience (UX) in Clarity PPM, a task no longer appears on future timesheets when 'Add assigned tasks' within Timesheet is selected, after resource proposes 0 (zero) ETCs on a previous timesheet
  • However, the task is still assigned with ETCs.
  • The user can click the Add button to add the task but it's expected it should show by default, since the manager hasn't yet approved the 0 ETC.
  • This can also impact whether the 'Add Assigned Tasks' button shows when creating a timesheet if no other tasks meet the requirement for the button to appear

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a project (open for time, track mode PPM) 
2. Add a resource to the project (open for time, track mode PPM) 
3. Create 2 new tasks (Task1 and Task2) on the project and assign the resource added in step 2 with ETCs on both tasks of 8 
4. Log in as the resource that was added to the project 
5. Navigate to the user’s current timesheet in the New UX (In this example Oct 15 – Oct 21) 
6. Add both tasks created in step 3 to the user’s timesheet (if not there already) 
7. For the first task (Task1), manually change the ETC under the ETC column from 8.00, to 0
  •  Important: The issue does not occur if you make the ETCs for the task 0 by submitting 8 hours of work, so make sure to change the ETC in the ETC column to 0 in reproducing
8. Click 'Submit'
9. Go to the next period’s timesheet (in this example Oct 22 – Oct 28) 
10. In the window that appears to populate the timesheet: 
  • Uncheck ‘Copy previous timesheet (Oct 15 – Oct 21)’ 
  • Check the check box next to ‘Add assigned tasks’ 
  • Then, click the ‘Create Timesheet’ button 
Expected Results: Task1 still appears on the timesheet 

Actual Results: Task1 does not appear on the timesheet (Task2 still does since the ETC wasn't changed to 0). 
  • Notes:
    • As mentioned in the steps to reproduce, the issue does not happen if the user submits the amount of actuals that equals the ETC, so if the user submits 8 hours of work for Task1 which changes the ETC column to 0, the task will show up in the next timesheet when 'Add assigned tasks' is checked
    • The same issue is observed in Classic PPM Timeseheets if Timesheet options are set in Administration to have 'Populate assigned tasks' checked and 'Copy time entries from previous timesheet' unchecked


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: Clarity PPM Timesheets


  • This issue was reviewed as DE44811 and determined to be working as expected. 
  • The reason you will still see the task on the timesheet if the ETC hours change to 0 if all time is submitted on but not if pending ETCs are changed to 0 is because when you set pending etc to 0 you indicate that you are done with that assignment with no more expected work. 
  • When you submit time to bring ETC to zero you can still possibly enter time against it in the future.  


  1. To add the task to the timesheet, click the + Work button to add the task to the Timesheet.
  2. You can also go to the task and delete the 0 value (make the field blank) in the Pending Estimates field then the task will be available to add

Additional Information

See KB: 141061 for tips on how to optimize use of Self Service for Clarity PPM