Slow performance/blank page when trying to login to Clarity


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Users are either seeing extremely slow performance or blank pages when they try to login to any Clarity page.

Additional symptoms that may be reported:

  • Some users are able to log in and use system successfully, while others cannot.
  • Unable to connect to / access production.
  • A user can access the application successfully in one browser, but when attempting to log in via another browser, the user was able to access.


There can be multiple causes of this issue that impacts application services, including a large data activities that can cause performance related issues. 


  • Large amount of XOG activity (including via custom processes)
  • Large export to excel actions


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1. To remove symptoms:

  • SaaS / On Demand customers: Please contact Broadcom support
  • On Premise customers:

         Rule out the load balancer by directly logging into the one of the app servers.
         Perform a browser trace and review the .HAR file to show where the slowness is.
         Have network team increase the MTU setting.

         Check to ensure all application services are in started status

         Check the CPU on the application servers to make sure there are no issues

         If nothing is found via the above, restart the application services. This It can be done via a rolling restart to minimize impact

         Sometimes a reboot of the machines may be required if restarting the application services doesn't help

2. To prevent the issue going forward:

  • Break out XOGs (including any custom process runs) into smaller batches
  • Export small amounts of data to excel at a time
  • Perform any type of large/mass updates outside normal business hours.

Additional Information

See KB: 141061 for tips on how to optimize use of Self Service for Clari