Slow performance in Clarity due to a DB issue
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Slow performance in Clarity due to a DB issue


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The Clarity application is unusable. Any update done on the application is shown as processing but there is no end to it.

Some symptoms users may report:

  • When you try to update tasks, create status reports, update records (e.g. Timesheets, Ideas and Projects) we are unable to save. 
  • The save icon spins and does not save. 
  • This is occurring for all users, and in multiple modules
  • Slow Performance in login or any page navigation.
  • Unable to login
  • Application is not working / Updates made in application not going through
  • DB lock message when trying to update an attribute.
  • Page takes a long time to load / running slow
  • Pages take several minutes or longer to load
  • The above may be reported in Production or non production environments (such as Test or Development)


Release : All Supported Releases


This can be caused by a Database (DB) issue including DB level row locks / if there are blocking sessions on the database.


On Premise customers:

  1. Contact your DBA to identify Database level locks / blocking sessions and ask them to clear them
  2. If using Oracle:
    1. Check with Oracle on any related issues that may be causing the issue where a patch may be required from Oracle
    2. If there is a long running query, use the Oracle Optimizer to pick better execution plans
  3. Look at the DB fragmentation. Highly fragmented DBs should be defragmented
  4. Look at the Stats gathering in the DB

SaaS / GCP customers:

Check the SaaS Service Status page to see if this is a known issue (See: Accessing Clarity SaaS Service Status Page for more details on accessing the page). If that doesn't help, create a ticket with Broadcom Technical support. Providing the below information will help in troubleshooting further:

  • URL(s) impacted
  • Area(s) impacted - Is this a general Clarity issue or specific to one particular area of Clarity?
  • Any recent changes or higher than usual activity occurring (such as XOG/Export to Excel)?
  • Time frame the issue was first noticed?
  • User ID for a user experience the issue

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