Slow Performance in Clarity - Best Practices / List of Known issues


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Performance in one or more areas of Clarity is slow, what are Best Practices / List of Known issues to help alleviate any issues. What can help ensure our system is optimized to avoid issues?


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See the below links for known issues/best practices/optimizing tips. This may not be a complete list, so it's also recommended to search in our knowledge base for any other known issues.

Section 1: Knowledge Articles

How tos/Best Practices:

KB Link

Tuning a Portlet or List View for Optimized Performance

How to enable Action Tracing in Clarity - Can be used to identify slow queries that can be tuned


General troubleshooting KBs for all Environment Types

KB Link

Unable to connect, white screen, or getting Unable to communicate error - Using Traceroute to resolve

Advanced Reporting: Known KBs related to slow performance

low Performance on List View with more than 10-15 Columns

Slow Performance on updates made in application

Slow performance/blank page when trying to login to Clarity

Performance on Overview page with multiple large portlets added to the view

Performance of Object List Page slows down adding a calculated attribute on the object List Page - (Defect fixed in 15.6.1)

Slow custom processes or jobs - BG performance Issues
Slowness Saving Projects and Ideas


GCP/PostgresSQL Specific KBs

Performance Issues when Launching Project Hierarchy Tab with Custom Attribute Configured - Postgres
Postgres General Performance issues in Clarity SaaS
Jobs stuck in processing for Clarity PostgreSQL GCP (SAAS)
Performance for some users is very slow after the 15.9 upgrade


Section 2: Tech Docs links:

Tech Docs link
View System Statistics and Log Data
Governor Settings (Maximum Data Limits)
Optimize Oracle 12c Performance
Optimize Oracle 19c Performance
Clarity PPM Architecture and Sizing Recommendations
Tune Sun HotSpot JVMs

Blog: CA PPM Application Housekeeping

Database Performance Whitepapers

Additional Information

See Clarity Master KBs for frequently reported issues

See Tips on searching for known Clarity Issues using Self Service