UIM snmpcollector templates are not updating
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UIM snmpcollector templates are not updating


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We have had issues lately with snmpcollector templates that we created and modified.  We made changes to generate an alert and then removed those changes.  However, the template on all the servers never updated and alerts kept being generated.  The templates dont seem to be pplying correctly.

We tried stopping and restarting the snmp collector probe; discovery server probe and others; but nothing worked.

This morning we just deleted the old template and the alerts stopped being generated.  We then created another template and saved the new template.  We ran the "queue discovery server" with the snmpcollector config; but the new template was not deployed. I also executed a new discovery using the discovery wizard for the hub where this snmpcollector is deployed and still the template is not being deployed.

We need assistance in determining why using normal procedures the templates are not being deployed / basic updates to templates are not being deployed and why some servers continue to keep old templates when they have been modified.


  • UIM v9.0.2 or higher
  • discovery_agent v9.02 or higher
  • hub v7.97 or higher
  • snmpcollector v3.44 of higher


  • leftover artifacts in the threshold_cache.zip file.


First add some additional java heap memory to the probe before you start this process. 

If there are currently no alarms configured in any of the templates, please do the following: 

- Deactivate snmpcollector and baseline_engine probes 
- Delete the threshold_cache.zip file from under the baseline_engine\cache_dir directory, then 
- Activate the baseline_engine probe 

- Download the latest snmpcollector version 4.03 from the archive or clicking here   
- Then import the snmpcollector probe package into the local archive on the Primary hub, and then deploy this to the hub where the current snmpcollector probe is deployed 
- Rt-Click and Activate the snmpcollector probe and wait until the probe completes discovering ALL of the configured devices (when there is NO 'hourglass' for ANY of the devices on the Admin Console probe configuration page). 

***NOTE that this MAY take several hours because of the large number of devices being monitored.*** 

If the new templates end up not being properly applied, then try running the apply_templates probe utility as specified in the following KB: 

UIM - Modification of templates are not applied in snmpcollector (KB46913)

Then please wait at least 24 hours to see if the new templates are applied.

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