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Broadcom Service Status


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The new Broadcom Service Status is a single unified public portal that displays the availability of Broadcom's software products.

Our platform is a self-service portal that enables anyone to subscribe to each of our product pages to receive notifications of incidents, planned maintenance and emergency maintenance. You can subscribe to any of our pages via the following methods (click on each method for instructions on how to subscribe):

Customers can manage email, SMS, Slack and Microsoft Teams in one account - including multiple product subscriptions.

Note: Our Service Status platform is for notification purposes only and does not relate to any of Broadcom's Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


Status definitions

Operational: No incidents identified; service functioning as expected.
Degraded/Outage: Our service(s) is currently experiencing some issues impacting customers.

Under maintenance: Our service(s) is currently under going planned or emergency maintenance. 



All email notifications are sent from [email protected] . Please whitelist this email address with your email provider to ensure you receive all notifications from Broadcom Service Status.


All Broadcom SMS messages are sent using a US-based phone number (+1 870 686 5499). 

Our new SMS transaction provider uses an intelligent pool of phone numbers and Alphanumeric Sender IDs from which messages will be sent to comply with local regulations where local network operators may block SMS messages submitted with International long codes.

If the subscribers' country supports Alphanumeric Sender IDs, such as in the UK, messages will appear to come from "Broadcom"; otherwise, the traditional US-based phone number +1 870 686 5499 will be used.

Supported Products

The following products are supported by Broadcom Service Status: 

Navigate to each page to find a list of all the supported components within each product.

Upcoming Products