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Which situations cause the MSP Project Save failed error message when integrating with Clarity? How can we identify the cause / troubleshoot?


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Step 1: Check the app-ca.logs for related errosr/warnings that can help to pointing to root cause

  1. See KB: Access the app-ca.log or other Clarity Logs for how to get to app-ca.logs (for both On Premise and SaaS customers)
  2. In App-ca.logs, look for Niku.Schedulers referenced in the logs
  3. Check for the time frame the issue happened as their can be multiple instances/causes

Step 2: Check the below articles to see if they are matches based on the error in the app-ca.logs

  1. MSP Project Failed to Save Error in 14.3 - If the Project Team has More than One Instance of the Same Role
  2. MSP 'Project Save Failed' error due to task Start or Finish Date
  3. MSP "Save Failed" error and Unique Constraint Violation in the logs
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  9. MSP Project Save Failed after Clarity Timeout
  10. MSP Project Save Failed in upload due to internal DuationText field
  11. MSP Save Failed Due to Resource Initials incorrectly being changed

Step 3: Search the general knowledge base for other known causes

  1. See MSP Integration - Master KB of Known Issues
  2. See MSP Integration Known Defects - Master KB
  3. Searching for known Clarity Issues using Self Service

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