MSP 'Project Save Failed' error due to task Start or Finish Date issues in MSP


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When saving back a project from Microsoft Project (MSP) to Clarity PPM using the MSP Plugin/Interface, receive error: 'Project Save Failed' due to one or more issues with Start and / or Finish Dates for tasks in MSP.

In the app-ca.logs, you see the following Warning message 'ImportTaskProcessor.doProcess(): Illegal Task Start and/or Finish dates' related to schedulers.postProject.
Tip: To get to the app-ca.logs, see the following KB that will walk both On Premise and SaaS customers on steps to retrieve the log: KB000113183

There are a couple of causes for this issue, but below is one method to reproduce this issue:

Steps to reproduce:

1. Export a project from PPM to MSP

2. In MSP, go to File->Options and set New Tasks created to Manually Scheduled using the below steps:

a. Click on Schedule on the left hand side

b. Set 'New tasks created' to 'Manually Scheduled'

c. Click OK

2. Create a new task in MSP and leave the Start/Finish Dates blank

3. Attempt to Save the project back from MSP to PPM

Expected Results: Project Saves successfully and the project imports successfully to PPM

Actual Results: Receive error message 'Project Save Failed' and project does not save back to PPM


This issue happens when there is an invalid date (or invalid date sequence) that is not supported with PPM including: 
1. Tasks missing a Start and/or Finish date, which happens if tasks are created in MSP with Task Mode of Manually Scheduled. If the Start / Finish dates haven't been manually entered, the project will not save back to PPM as PPM requires Start and Finish Dates for all tasks. The value entered must be in a date format, so placeholder values such as TBD or N/A are not allowed as well. 
2. The Start date of any task is greater than the Finish date of the task. The Start date of a task must be less than or equal to the task's Finish date to be able to be saved back to PPM.


This applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.


Solution 1: Check for any tasks missing Start or Finish dates (Date fields are blank or have some other type of value such as TBD or N/A) in the date fields. If any tasks are found with this issue:

  • Enter the missing dates for the task(s) in MSP (or change the Task Mode to of the task to Auto Scheduled which will automatically populate a Start and Finish date for the task)

Note: To prevent this issue going forward, ensure that the following Required setting is made for all projects in MSP:

  1. In MSP, go to File->Options
  2. Click on Schedule on the left hand side
  3. Set 'New tasks created' to 'Auto Scheduled'
  4. Click OK

Solution 2: Check for any tasks that have a Start date later than the task's Finish date. If any are found:

  • Update the task dates so that the task's Start date is earlier than the task's Finish date 

Additional Information

  • For another known issue related to illegal start/finish date error, see KB000100653 due to Summary task Start / Finish Date scheduling issue
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