Agile Designer licenses invalidated after restarting virtual machine
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Agile Designer licenses invalidated after restarting virtual machine


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


After our virtual machine (VM) restarted, all our Agile Designer licenses are invalid, and we cannot launch the product.
In CodeMeter Control Center we see the licenses have red and 'broken' icons next to them.  


ARD  2.10+
CA Agile Requirements Designer


If your VM restarts or anything major has changed in your environment (like an operating system upgrade), your licenses can become invalid.
If this happens, you may also receive a 'Machine has changed' error message, which you can read more about here: 


To resolve this, try clicking the 'Repair License' button. The license icon should then turn from red to blue/green if the repair was successful.  


If the license cannot be repaired, you will need to apply a new one.  You can follow the directions in the below documents to do this: 

1. Delete existing licenses:

2. Import AgileDesigner license containers into CodeMeterCC again:

3. Request and apply new offline license:


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