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AppNeta - Checking a NIS.config on a monitoring point


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Issue: My AppNeta monitoring point is not connecting to the portal.



In some scenarios the monitoring point may be unable to connect to the server, and you can run Server Reachability tests to verify why.  
However for these test to function, the AppNeta monitoring point needs to be provisioned for the correct AppNeta Server, where you log in. 



The AppNeta server settings can be found in the Web UI.  Click on Monitoring Point Settings >  AppNeta Server  and verify the settings:


NIS Address;  this is the specific AppNeta server where you log into to the portal to check your fleet of monitoring points.
Site Key:  This is essentially the location of the Parent or Child Organization within the AppNeta portal.  Each Parent or Child have a unique Site Key.  

If either of these values are missing, or incorrect, your monitoring point will not be able to connect into your organization.

You can fix this by getting a copy of your NIS.config and uploading the file into the monitoring point.

Alternatively, you could also perform a factory reset and then performing the original setup procedure to add a monitoring point.
See also the Getting Started guide and review the details.