How to run Server Reachability tests
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How to run Server Reachability tests


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AppNeta DX NetOps


The monitoring point may be unable to connect to AppNeta servers, though it may have LAN connectivity and its Web Admin page may be reachable.  In this scenario, it would be recommended to run server reachability tests through the Web interface.


The results of running Server Reachability test may provide guidance as to the cause of the inability to connect to the AppNeta servers.  Typical causes of connectivity issues may be firewall configuration or proxy configuration issues.


The recommend first step is for the client to connect to their monitoring point over the private LAN IP,  and log into their appliance, in order to run the server reachability tests.  This should help us confirm the firewalls are open and proper connectivity is available.


1.  Enter the IP address or hostname in the address bar of your web browser - https://<hostname-or-LAN-IP>.


2. Log in.

    • Use credentials for the appliance, with the User ID and Password you've configured on the monitoring point 

The username is always:

The password is based on how it was configured during initial setup while being deployed.  
Factory defaults for the password is:

For firmware 13.12.0 and newer, please use the MAC address on the monitoring point.


3.  Once logged in, click on Monitoring Point Health >  Server Reachability.

Proceed to run all Server Reachability checks.  *Note that your Hostname / IP address may be different then what is displayed below.  The first 3 listed servers are related to connecting back to AppNeta, however depending on your issue, it may be prudent to run DNS Server checks, Relay Server, or Upgrade Server checks. 

4.  Server checks make take a few minutes to complete.  The results can be expanded and viewed.  A support member may request copies of the results to assist in investigating your issue.

The results can be copied and saved into a separate text file. 

Additional Information

Server reachability test are performing openssl checks and then immediately closing the connection.  This is different then a monitoring point which establishes and maintains connectivity with the AppNeta server, which may susceptible to other factors such as network resets. 
Furthermore server reachability tests can't validate that it has established a connection to the correct target, and can be shown as success even if an intermediate appliance such as a firewall responds.


Note: These commands can also be run from command line.