DX UIM Upgrade Guide and Pre-Planning Checklist for 20.4
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DX UIM Upgrade Guide and Pre-Planning Checklist for 20.4


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This article provides a quick checklist of items to consider when upgrading to UIM 20.4 This article will help you ensure a successful upgrade of your existing DX UIM environment. You may choose to register for the Broadcom Designated Weekend Upgrade Program or perform your upgrade during the week. In either case, this checklist will help in pre-planning and upgrade plan discussions with your Account team prior to upgrading to UIM 20.4.

During the pre-upgrade planning discussion, please also mention whether or not your team is planning on other Broadcom software product upgrades such as Spectrum, SOI, PM, etc. so they may be scheduled in the most efficient manner. 

For a more complete description and details of the upgrade options, process and individual checklist tasks, please download, review and use the "DX UIM Upgrade Guide and Pre-Planning Checklist" which is attached to this KB Article. The detailed guide goes beyond the core upgrade tasks and includes further information on hotfixes, security vulnerability updates, post-upgrade tasks and more.

This DX UIM Upgrade Guide and Pre-Planning Checklist article as well as the full guide will be updated and maintained for each release.

You can update the checkboxes online within the table with a mouse click and/or print it out and use it as a checklist reference.


  • Upgrading to Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) v20.4


  • DX UIM Upgrade Planning
  • DX UIM Installation
  • Standard/Traditional Upgrades
  • Weekend Upgrades
  • Known Issues
  • Troubleshooting


Checklist Task
Brief Description
Required for pre-upgrade reviews and all upgrade preparation.
Backup the environment
Backup/snapshots of the Primary Hub, OC and Database.
Safely store any/all customizations
Backup and safely store any/all customization, custom probes/scripts, portal/images, as well as the nas scripts directory.
Check Supported Upgrade Paths
Officially supported Installation/migration paths for this release.
Check/re-check sizing requirements for small-medium-large environments.
Compatibility must be checked to avoid upgrade issues / failures.
Provides latest information about new features, enhancements to existing features, resolved issues, international support, known issues, known/fixed security vulnerabilities and third-party software agreements for DX UIM.
Collect Existing UIM Environment Information
Helps to avoid upgrade issues, incompatibilities, upgrade failures, and helps to ensure optimal performance and ongoing scalability.
Disable the HA probe on the failover hub (if applicable).
If there is an HA probe on a Secondary/Remote hub in the UIM environment, disable the HA probe so that the failover hub does not takeover for the Primary during the upgrade process. Once the Primary hub upgrade is completed, consult the HA guide on options for upgrading the HA hub. Once completed, then the HA probe can be re-enabled.
Ensure that the UIM Primary Hub and Operator Console robot processes (including all core probes) are up and running.
It is not necessary nor advisable to stop the hub, robots or probes prior to UIM/OC installation.
Disable Anti-Virus
Temporarily disable AV and any locally installed security software to avoid any blocking/filtering during the upgrade, and/or create a full exception for all Nimsoft (UIM) programs.
Deactivate distsrv forwarding
If distsrv forwarding is not disabled, it may cause a severe slowdown in the upgrade process or in some cases cause it to fail.
Check Java Runtime Environment Requirements
Running multiple JRE versions on the same system can cause issues.
Remove java_jre packages from Archive
upgrade failure can be avoided by removing all "java_jre" package versions from UIM Archive
spectrumgtw probe in use

If using the spectrumgtw probe, verify the versions you will need to be at post upgrade. CU6 and higher requires version 20.4 version of the spectrumgtw probe and that the Spectrum version be at 22.2.


Windows-Specific Prerequisites
Disk compression is not supported on Windows.
Administrator Privileges
UIM can only be installed by a user with administrative privileges. If you are using a service account, login as that service account before running the installer.
MS Windows User Account Control (UAC)
UAC prevents unauthorized modifications to your system. It may need to be temporarily disabled during an upgrade.
Check Firewall - Firewall Port Reference Check the firewall ports and protocols required for UIM in the firewall port reference. Local, intermediate, or remote firewalls can prevent install/upgrade success.
Test Database Authentication
Before starting the upgrade, confirm the data_engine can connect to the backend UIM database.
Download Software
How to download UIM software from the Broadcom support website?

Click on the link and choose "DX Infrastructure Management MULTI-PLATFORM."
Verify uimserverpackages.zip
Prior to downloading, document the precise uimserverpackages.zip file size via file properties, and make sure it is the same exact size after download and prior to running the upgrade. If the file size changes even slightly, the file may have been corrupted and this will cause the upgrade to fail.
Pre-upgrade Risk Assessment
Prior to running the installer to upgrade UIM, it is highly recommended to follow the risk assessment section in the DX UIM Upgrade Planning Guide and Pre-Planning Checklist.pdf attached to this KB Article.
Upgrade DX UIM Server Customers may choose to customize this section of the attached detailed planning guide and insert their own UIM upgrade execution plan. Some examples of execution plans are provided.
Upgrade Operator Console (OC) Customers may choose to customize this section of the attached detailed planning guide and insert their own UIM upgrade execution plan. Some examples of execution plans are provided.


Additional Information

CABI (Tibco Jaspersoft)

      IMPORTANT: cabi_external will be classified as End of Support (EOS) by the end of 2022 and until then, the supported version will be CABI 7.1.1.

  • To use the latest CABI v8.0, you must upgrade to UIM 20.4 CU5. To successfully upgrade to 8.0, you must already be running CABI v7.50.

Install or Upgrade for a Bundled CABI Server

With bundled_cabi, you simply deploy the cabi package from the local archive on the Primary hub to the cabi robot (Note that "CABI" a.k.a. 'Tibco JasperSoft' a.k.a. 'Jasperserver' is already included/self-contained within the cabi probe).

Other Notes:

Important Notes:
To completely avoid any issues with ADE interfering with the installer, you can delete/remove all java_jre packages from the Primary Hub local archive.

If there are no java_jre packages in the Archive at install time, the failures described above will be avoided.  After installation you may re-download the latest java_jre package as needed.

Post Install
After the upgrade of UIM is completed you can revfer to the following KB Article for any post installation tasks:

Post-install upgrade checklist for UIM Server, Operator Console, CABI