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DX Platform - How to create a NIM route to access the NIM UI?


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- DX Platform to ServiceNow integration is not working: how to recreate the NIM to ServiceNow configuration
- We are not using the Default ServiceNow field mapping: how to update the NIM to ServiceNow configuration 


DX Operational Intelligence 1.3.x, 20.x
DX Application Performance Management 11.x, 20.x

Openshift 3.11+


1) Create a NIM route in Openshift

Open Openshift console
Click Applications >  Routes 
Create Route

Name = nim
Hostname = nim.<fqdn hostname of router>
Service = doi-nim
Target Port = 8080-8080

For example:

-Click Create


2) Update your DNS or server hosts files with the above new route endpoint

In windows: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
In unix:/etc/hosts

3) Login to Nim UI

http(s)://nim.<fqdn hostname of router>/ca-nim-sm/ui/login.jsp

For example:
username=nimadmin ; password=nimadmin


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