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DX Platform- Nim Troubleshooting


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The following is a list of techniques and suggestions to employ when troubleshooting NIM to ServiceNow integration issues


DX Operational Intelligence 1.3.x, 20.x
DX Application Performance Management 11.x, 20.x



CHECK #1: Review NIM pod logs

Go to Openshift console | Applications | pods | doi-nim, Click Terminal
Otherwise use kubectl as below:

kubectl get pods | grep nim
kubectl  exec -ti <doi-nim-pod> sh
cd webapps/ca-nim-sm/WEB-INF/logs/
tail -f Nim.log

Review the logs, search for errors or exceptions

Example 1: Permission issue so NIM couldn't create an incident.  

Solution: Make sure to use a ServiceNow user with enough permissions:

DX OI - Unable to create a ServiceNow incident "1 alarm action(s) failed to perform"


Example 2: A problem caused after enabling and disabling SNOW instance in DX Admin UI

Solution: Recreate the servicenow instance in NIM:

DX AIOps- How to manually recreate a tenant servicenow configuration in NIM UI?


CHECK #2: Verify NIM to ServiceNow connectivity

a) If not already done, create a NIM route to access the NIM UI:

DX Platform - How to create a NIM route to access the NIM UI?

b) Verify NIM to ServiceNow connectivity:

1) Login to Nim UI

http(s)://nim.<fqdn hostname of router>/ca-nim-sm/ui/login.jsp

For example:
username=nimadmin ; password=nimadmin


2) Select the configuration for your Tenant

You should see a configuration entry corresponding to your tenant(s)

NOTE: To list your tenant(s), use : http(s)://es.<router-hostname>/ao_tenants_1_1/_search?size=200&pretty

For example:

3) Test NIM to ServiceNow connectivity

Click "Save and Test" button

4) If connectivity is not working, check that NIM pod can access to ServiceNow endpoint

5) If required, you can manually recreate a tenant servicenow configuration, see



CHECK #3: Verify NIM to ServiceNow integration using NIM REST API

a)Click "API Explorer" > "REST API Explorer", Update http://localhost with your nim endpoint

b) Set "Please enter MDR Instance Name" equal to your servicenow configuration SN<TENANT-ID> available from the Configurations page

Perform validations, for example:

a) Check if you can list all incidents

GET /incidents 


b) Try to create a new incident

POST / Incident   

Add boty body payload: {"name":"test incident"}
Click "Try out"

Below is an example of a user permission issue:

Additional Information

DX AIOPs - Troubleshooting, Common Issues and Best Practices

DX OI - Unable to create a ServiceNow incident "1 alarm action(s) failed to perform"

NIM to ServiceNow documentation: