Performance Management Upgrade Suggestions and Tips
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Performance Management Upgrade Suggestions and Tips


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We're planning on upgrading DX NetOps Performance Management in the next few weeks and were looking for any "gotcha's" or tips regarding upgrading to or using the current versions.


Current as of 21.2.8


  1. The latest versions of DX NetOps Performance Management is 21.2.8, please note that the maintenance releases are roughly monthly and it is recommended to go to the latest maintenance release.


  1. Currently available downloads can be seen and downloaded from the Download Center:


  1. Announcements for the product updates are also made on the NetOps Communities:


  1. Please review the Fixed Issues list:


  1. To provide the greatest protection from catastrophic failure, proper backups are highly advised prior to upgrading or migration:


Backup instructions for all components:


NetOps Portal:






  1. Follow the required package instructions.


Before starting an upgrade for any system component, run the "rpm -qa <packageName>" command for each required package. If it's installed, great, move on to the next one.


If ANY are found missing ensure they're installed.

                 The libaio is an important required MySql package. Ensure it’s installed to avoid the following issue with MySql start failure post upgrade. Discussed further in the following KB article:


  1. Ensure all required Firewall ports and protocols are open:

  1. Ensure the (manually run as well if upgrading to 20.2.3 or earlier) script is run well before the upgrade.  If the etlHealth check within it is unsuccessful, follow the instructions listed to look into the cause and remedy of the failure.  If this fails, DO NOT UPGRADE until given the go-ahead from engineering.

        See the section on

  1. Common issues hit during install on the various systems: 


A bad space calculation that might halt the install.


When /tmp is set with noexec or doesn't have enough space and we need to use a different location.

                  Make sure the DISPLAY environmental variable is not set if using console mode:


  1. If your mail server advertises STARTTLS you need to import the mail server certificate as noted here if updating/upgrading from a revision < 3.7.7 to a version higher than 3.7.7:


As mail will try to use a TLS connection if so.


Related KB:


  1. Upgrading Data Collector gotcha’s


If a Data Collector install fails for some reason, it’s often easier and swifter to simply uninstall and reinstall it. When doing so it’s critical to re-use the DCM_ID the install is assigned so that the devices that DC manages are properly tied back to the ‘new’ reinstalled DC. In case that’s necessary the simple thing to do is gather a set of the DCM_ID values and setting them aside prior to the start of the upgrade.


How to list the unique Data Collector id DCM_ID in Performance Management


How to move or replace a DC


How to pass the DCM_ID when installing the Data Collector using sudo


Data Collector UI launched upgrade when not using root user does not complete


Data collector stays in upgrading status

When upgrading from a version of DX Netops Performance Management 20.2.x before 20.2.6 to 20.2.6 or later, you must upgrade the Dcs as soon as possible to minimise data loss:

  1. Upgrading Data Repository gotcha’s

Ensure the dradmin or equivalent OS users password is valid. If it’s expired or locked out the script will fail when it prompts for that users password. Reference article for customers with further details/impacts re: dradmin user password changes.

  13. Upgrading VNA gotchas:

        Make sure you know the current WildFly admin/WildFly JMS/MySQL root user password before upgrading

        Do NOT shut down wildfly/mysql before upgrading.

  14. When upgrading a Fault Tolerant Data Aggregator environment, you must upgrade the Data Aggregator proxy BEFORE either of the Fault Tolerant Data Aggregators as in the order outlined in the documentation:


  15. If you are upgrading to DX Netops Performance Management 20.2.9 or DX Netops Performance Management 20.2.10, if you have any SNMPv3 profiles with no authentication, this can cause SNMP profiles to fail to load, see: