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How to move or replace a DC


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


In the Data Collector List page in CA PC admin, the Data Collector has the status Unknown due to wrong DCM_ID environmental variable.

This is probably caused by an attempt to remove a former collector or reinstalling the collector.

The new DCM_ID will not match with the one in the DA and the Collector will have a status Unknown due to wrong DCM_ID environment variable.


All supported releases of Performance Management

Component: Data Collector


You need to utilize the DCM_ID of the data collector you are replacing per the documentation:

Reinstall or Migrate the Data Collector

For specific steps see the Reinstall the Data Collector on a Clean Host documentation topic on the same page.

Additional Information

The configuration for the data collector is kept on the data aggregator (DA) so when the newly installed DC contacts the da with the old DCMID the da will send the configuration.