Improved Broadcom Support Case Management Portal Now Available!


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Support Portal


Broadcom is pleased to offer our valued-customers an improved case management user experience now available. Please reference the attached User Guide for detailed instructions on using the new portal.

NOTE: Available to Mainframe Software, Enterprise Software, Symantec Enterprise Security and Payment Security customers. 

We’re confident the new case management portal will continue to provide users with the necessary features & functions needed to help you engage with Broadcom Support in an efficient and intuitive way.


Key Features & Improvements

  1. Modernized and intuitive user interface
  2. Improved search technology to easily access relevant knowledge base articles
  3. Quick link to easily navigate back to Support Portal home
  4. Ability to flag knowledge base articles as Favourite
  5. Top Rated & Viewed articles widgets
  6. Site alerts to notify the user when their active cases have been updated
  7. Ability to create custom case views
  8. Ability to customize case view columns
  9. Recommended knowledge base articles during the case submission workflow
  10. Ability to customize search results 





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