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MSP: ETC missing due to MSP Update not being installed


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When exporting projects from Clarity to Microsoft Project (MSP), it's not retaining ETC (Remaining Work) hours


This issue can happen due to the latest MSP Supported Update not being installed on the workstation. At a minimum, in MSP New Driver 14.4 and higher, the February 2016 Update is required, but it's best to be on the latest supported MSP Update as that contains the most fixes. If you are on the New Driver for 14.1, 14.2, or 14.3, make sure that you do not have any MSP Updates installed as this can cause issues on those versions. 


Release : All Supported Releases


Microsoft Project MSI versions

MSP New Driver for Clarity


If you are using the MSP New Driver for CA PPM 14.4 or higher, ensure the latest supported Microsoft Project update is installed on the workstation (see: Microsoft Project monthly patches impact with Clarity). While the February 2016 Microsoft Project update is the minimum required KB when working with the MSP New Driver in 14.4 or higher, there have been multiple fixes by Microsoft Project in later updates, so it's recommended to be on the latest supported update. 


  • Microsoft Project updates are not supported with the MSP Legacy Driver on any Clarity version. 
  • Microsoft Project updates are not supported in 14.3 or lower in the MSP New Driver. (If you have any Microsoft Project updates installed with 14.3 or lower, this can cause data issues)

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