MSP: Predecessors and successors deleted with language set to English
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MSP: Predecessors and successors deleted with language set to English


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


A few projects have lost all dependencies. These projects are updated using the Clarity Microsoft Project (MSP) interface. Verified that MSP: Not All Task Dependencies are Exported is not the cause (the language matches for the OS, MSP, and the MSP Interface. What could be the cause of the missing Predecessors and Successors in the MSP schedule?


Release : All Supported Releases

Component : MICROSOFT PROJECT (MSP) Integration


The cause of this issue is currently unknown. See the additional information section for similar symptoms to see if they are the cause of your issue. If those are not the cause, open a case with Broadcom support for assistance. Providing the below can assist with troubleshooting:

  • A copy of the mpp and xml for an impacted project. XML, MPP and MSP logs for troubleshooting MSP issues
  • Steps to reproduce (if known) or any steps taken just prior to the issue happening (including if any errors or project crashing was noticed)
  • MSP Version and build (found in the about section of MSP)
  • Clarity MSP Interface version


To restore any lost dependencies (if a recent copy of the project exists in a non-production environment):

  1. In Non-Production, open the project into MSP
  2. Copy (or Manually add) the dependencies from non-production into the production project

Important: If on versions 15.7 and lower, do not copy and paste entire task rows as this can cause issues See: MSP Copying and Pasting Tasks - Supported Method for Clarity for more details on this issue

Additional Information

For help with other MSP issues, see: MSP Integration - Master KB of Known Issues