MSP: Project hangs opening even though XML appears to fully load


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Some projects will not open in Microsoft Project (MSP) when exporting from Clarity with the MSP New Driver.

How can we repair / fix this issue?


  • The project hangs on opening in MSP
  • You may see a message "The last time you opened this project it caused a serious error" which is a generic warning MSP generates when there was an issue the last time the project opened that causes MSP to crash.
  • No errors or warnings generated in the MSP Logs folder in Libraries/Documents.
  • If you review the XML related to the problem project, the XML appears to fully load as there is a </Project> tag at the end of the file. 

 (For steps on how to enable XML if it is not being generated automatically in the workstation's documents folder, see KB000099202.)


  • This issue is due to using an unsupported method of copying and pasting tasks in MSP (highlighting of an entire row and pasting it).
    • This copies the Text3 data that contains task unique information into the second task.
    • Avoidance: Use the supported method of copying and pasting of tasks in MSP when working with CA PPM documented at: KB000010395
  • Starting in Clarity PPM 15.7.1, an enhancement has been allowed to support copying and pasting of tasks.


  • Clarity versions through 15.7
  • This issue appears to apply to certain Microsoft Project updates including

             1. MSP 2013 SP1 with the March / April 2018 updates

             2. MSP 2016 with February / March 2018 updates

  • It's also been seen with click to run versions of MSP


Note: After implementing one of the below solutions:

  • Users who previously attempted to open the project may still see the below message since the last time the project didn't open successfully.

"The last time you opened this project it caused a serious error"

  • Click Yes to the message to proceed with opening the project.


Option 1: Run the below query to temporarily remove the project from the prdocument table.

  • On Demand/SaaS customers, please open a case to request the fix for this


  • MSP Legacy Driver: All custom views for the project will be deleted

    • ​When the project is opened from PPM after the update, the project will only open with the default columns set for the view.
    • Users will have to recreate their views for the project, unless they have them saved in MSP. (This doesn't apply in the new driver, as views are no longer saved. Users should always save the views on their MSP and switch to that view after the project opens).
  • Any custom field data not mapped to PPM will be deleted from the project. This only impacts data entered in a MSP Field (such as a text field) and that data isn't stored in PPM. This impacts both the MSP New Driver and MSP Legacy Driver.
  • MSP New Driver: All Fixed Work tasks will currently change to Fixed Units.  The user will need to manually change all applicable tasks back to Fixed Work the next time the project is opened in MSP.

Run the below query:

update prdocument

set prrecordid = ?? where prrecordid=?

and prtablename= 'PRJ_PROJECTS'


  1. Replace the ? with the 5 million number (Internal ID) of the project. For ?? use the same ID except change the first digit, 5 to a 9. Doing this will create a backup of the record in the database.
    • This internal ID is found in the URL when you click on the project. Here's the steps on how to get it from the URL:
      • In Clarity PPM, go to Home->Projects
      • Click on the link to the project
      • In the URL, at the end of the URL will be 7 digit number, that's the # needed for the query.
    • You can also run a query to get the internal ID, such as:

select id from inv_investments where name='<project name>' and object_type = 'PROJECT' 

2. Run the below query to ensure that there is not already a project with the ?? prrecordid:

        select * from prdocument where prrecordid = ??


1. URL to a project is:


2. The ID needed for the query then is: 5000000

3. Run the following (replacing the first digit with a 9) to make sure there is not a record already there (usually there isn't)
select * from prdocument where prrecordid = 9000000

(The expected result is that no record is returned with this query)

4. If step 3 returns no results, run:

update prdocument

set prrecordid = 9000000 where prrecordid=5000000

and prtablename= 'PRJ_PROJECTS'

Option 2: Downgrade to the Microsoft Project February 2016 update as this issue is not reproducible there.

  • Notes: 

    • While this update is supported in 14.x and higher, downgrading to this update causes risks of other issues that Microsoft has fixed in updates higher then February 2016, so downgrading should be used with caution and only after testing for any side effects. 
    • For details on supported MSP Updates with CA Clarity PPM, see KB000011553

Additional Information

  1. If the above doesn't solve your issue, see the following master KB on list of known issues related to opening projects in MSP: 
  • KB ID: 138671 - Issues opening one or more projects in MSP from Clarity - List of Known KBs

      2. For other related MSP CA Clarity  issues:

  • KB: 15956 - Clarity and MSP integration known defects - Support Technical Document Index
  • KB: KB000071385 - Clarityand MSP integration - Support Technical Document Index
       3. KB: 141061 for tips on how to optimize use of Self Service for Clarity