XML, MPP and MSP Logs for Troubleshooting MSP Issues


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Clarity PPM On Premise


This document provides the steps on how to generate the xml, mpp, and MSP (Microsoft Project) Workstation logs used for troubleshooting of MSP Issues integrating with Clarity

  • MPP = Stands for Microsoft Project project and this applies to Legacy and New Driver
  • XML = Applies to the New Driver only

Broadcom Support may request additional information for troubleshooting MSP issues including the xml and mpp. This document provides the steps on how to provide this information. The xml can also be useful for customers in troubleshooting MSP issues. (Example: MSP Error: 'We're sorry. There seems to be a problem with this file' due to issue with Notes when opening a project)


Release: All Supported
Component: ODMSP


To generate the XML and MPP Files:

  1.  If new driver, first ensure that general is set to debug in the logger.properties file to keep the .xml file in the MSP save directory from being removed:
  • Navigate to your Document\logs folder
  • Open the logger.properties file in a text editor
  • Set general=debug
  • Save your changes to the file

      2.  Capture the project ID for the project from Clarity
      3.  Reproduce the issue (If the issue is on opening the project from Clarity, export the project from Clarity to MSP. If the issue is saving a project back to Clarity, then attempt to Save the project back to Clarity)
      4.  Navigate to the MSP Default Save location (typically the Documents folder)
      5.  Look for the file(s) with the project ID as the name and the type Microsoft Project Document (which will be the mpp file) and xml (if new Driver)
      6.  Copy the file(s) and send this to CA Support if requested or if running into an issue with a specific project
      7.  Once the XML has been captured, set general back to general=error in the logger.properties as the XML can take up a lot of space  This is good to use for troubleshooting, but can also take up a lot of space, so make sure to set general back to error when not in use for troubleshooting

Note: If the XML is not generating even after following the steps above, check to see if Clarity is connected using Citrix. Citrix is limited in support (See: Can the MSP Integration be deployed using Citrix?), and this is one issue that has been noticed when exporting projects from Citrix Servers. 

To provide the MSP Workstation Logs:

     1.  Ensure debugging is set as listed below:

Make the below changes to the logger.properties file found in the Document/logs folder. To edit the logger.properties file, open the file in a text editor such as Notepad or Microsoft Word. By default, each of the options should be set to 'error'.
archive=error (Note, this option is not yet available, this can be left to the default)

     2.  Reproduce the issue
     3.  Close MSP
     4.  Navigate to your Document\Logs folder
     5.  Copy the following logs and send to Broadcom Support:

  • mspxml_timing
  • mxpxml_general
  • mxpxml_http


For Save Failed errors:

Additionally, if you are seeing a Save Failed message when attempting to save the project back to Clarity, the app-ca.logs may provide more details on root cause. See Accessing the app-ca.log or other Clarity Logs for more details on how to get this log.

Additional Information

For information on the various logging available in the MSP New Driver, see Logging available in the MSP New Driver