Timesheets not posting when settings are incorrect
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Timesheets not posting when settings are incorrect


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One or more of the following occur:

  • Timesheets that were submitted are not getting posted. They are still showing in the 'Approved' status.
  • Reports actual hours/units show deficient/missing.


The Post Timesheets job checks the conditions of the below before it can set a timesheet status from 'Approved' to 'Posted'. 
  • timesheet
  • resource
  • investment 


Resource Settings

Check these settings in Home->Resources. 

  • The resource is 'Open For Time Entry'
  • The resource track mode is set to 'PPM'

For more details see Timesheets not posting when resource time settings are incorrect

Investment Settings

These settings can be validated from the project / investment side. 

  • The investment is "Open For Time Entry"
  • The investment track mode is set to PPM.

Team Settings

  • The investment team entry is 'Open for Time Entry'

Administration Settings

Additional Information

Starting in 16.0.0, there is a new job introduced in order to populate the cost plans actuals in the modern UX. The job (Update Financial Plan Actuals and Forecast Job) which calculates the actuals and forecast in cost and budget plans. Run the Post to WIP job before running this job.