MSP Interface stopped opening projects from browser
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MSP Interface stopped opening projects from browser


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Many users have reported that the Clarity Microsoft Project (MSP) Interface is no longer opening projects from Clarity (using the browser).  

We are able to launch MSP standalone and connect to Clarity using the CA PPM Integration tab / open option within Microsoft Project, but unable to open projects from Clarity from any browser. There are no error messages.  How can we fix this so projects load normally without having to open them from the MSP Add-In?

Steps to Reproduce: 
  1. Log in into Clarity
  2. Go to a project in Clarity
  3. Select the Open with Microsoft Project option
Expected Results: Project opens in Microsoft Project
Actual Results: Nothing happens and no error message is observed.  MSP isn't launched.


This can be due to some type of corruption of MSP or the MSP Interface. This may be noticed after an upgrade of one of both of the mentioned components. 


Uninstall and reinstall one or both of the below (sometimes just a clean uninstall of the MSP Interface is needed).

  • Microsoft Project (MSP)
  • Clarity Microsoft Project Interface. 


  • If only the MSP Interface was recently upgraded (and not MSP), it's recommended to start with the steps noted at: Clean uninstall of the MSP interface.
  • If you recently upgraded MSP, it's recommended to:
    1. Uninstall MSP first
    2. Do a clean uninstall of the Interface
    3. Reinstall MSP
    4. Followed by reinstall of the MSP Interface.

Even if there was not a recent upgrade of MSP or the MSP Interface, performing the above can help. 

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