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Dollar Universe Node is up but Launcher and Calculator are stopped


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


A Dollar Universe Node is up but the Launcher and Calculator are stopped.

The following Error Messages appear in the "universe.log" file:

No more license, launcher stops
No more license, calculator stops


Component: Dollar Universe

Version: 6.x


No valid license in u_fali01.txt file inside the folder data.
In some cases, the Node name was not correct, on other cases, the expiration date may be in the past.


Edit the u_fali01.txt file and check the node name and the validity of the license.
The node name can be verified by checking the values.xml file that is also present in the data folder.

Please check this other article to describe another way to implement the license via Univiewer Console - Node Settings - Licenses

In order to request a license, please open a new case as explained in this article