How to Apply Dollar Universe Licenses


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Dollar Universe requires a valid license to work otherwise the Calculator and Launcher engines will stop.


 Dollar Universe is initially installed with a 30-day license and should be replaced by a permanent DUAS license.

Dollar Universe licenses are unique and they are  linked to the DUAS node and host names and cannot be used somewhere else.


CA Automic Dollar Universe Univiewer Console all OS
CA Automic Dollar Universe Univiewer Manager all OS
CA Automic Dollar Universe Application Server all OS


From the Univiewer console, go to the Admin tab  

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Admin Tab    select  Nodes List


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Node List Option

It will show the list of nodes registered in that particular UVMS

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Node List

Select the node that needs a new license then <Right click>  and select       

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Node Settings

The list of licenses already entered into the node will be showed:

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Old License List

Click on Add button to add a new permanent license and copy/paste the entire line from the email received after the request into the new line opened at the bottom of the actual licenses list..

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New License Entry

Enter as many licenses as required. In some nodes like UVMS a license for Univiewer and one for each node type will be required (Ex. Dollar Universe, Unijob, Reporter, etc..)

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Multiple New LIcenses

Once all licenses are entered, click on Save and Close button.  It's not mandatory to remove the expired licenses nor to keep the records in the screen but it would be helpful for licensing control or history tracking.

When the Licenses screen is closed, a couple of screen refresh actions might be required in order to update the right status for the node license. No license status means the license is valid and updated.

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License List Updated



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