MSP "Save Failed" error and Unique Constraint Violation in the logs
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MSP "Save Failed" error and Unique Constraint Violation in the logs


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When attempting to save a project from Microsoft Project (MSP) to Clarity, receive a 'Save Failed' error. In the app-ca.logs, an error similar to the below is generated:

Rolling back transaction: 

com.niku.union.persistence.PersistenceApplicationException: java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: [CA Clarity][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00001: unique constraint (PRASSIGNMENT0) violated


Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.


There are two known solutions for this issue:

Solution 1: Delete the project from the workstation in the MSP Default save location

  1. Delete the mpp (and xml - if using the new driver) associated with the project from the MSP Default Save location
  2. If the project has external dependencies, check for the tempstumendpoint file as well, and if it's there, delete that file
  3. If the project has any subprojects, delete those as well

Solution 2: If you've copied and pasted any tasks by highlighting the entire task and then pasting, delete both the Text3 data for that pasted task in both the Task view and also the Assignment in the Resource Usage view. If you delete just the Text3 data from the task, it will give you a 'Save Failed' message, because the Text3 data is still in the assignment. 

  1. Add the Text3 column to the Task Usage and Resource Usage views
  2. Also add the Text1 and Text2 columns to the Task Usage view
  3. After copy and pasting the existing task to create a new task:
  • Delete any Text3 data from the Resource Usage view
  • Delete any Text1, Text2, Text3 data from the Task Usage view

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