SPECTRUM will model device but the model stays Blue Initial Condition  


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CA Spectrum


SPECTRUM will model device but the model stays Blue Initial Condition  

User is able to model by ip a device, however, the model stays in the Blue Initial Condition.

SPECTRUM OneClick views return information and SPECTRUM is communicating with the device but model will not turn Green Normal Condition.


Possible causes:

1. SPECTRUM database corruption

2. Communication issues between Spectrum and the device.

3. The model is marked as insignificant. 

4. There is an event configured to assert a Blue condition


Release: Any


1. If the issue is due to database corruption, re-initialize the database with a recent  database backup

2. Run a sniffer on the SpectroSERVER system and examine the snmp and icmp traffic between the SpectroSERVER and the device

3. Check the value of the Value_When_Red attribute id 0x1000c attribute of the model. If set to zero "0", that mean the model is marks as an insignificant model. When Spectrum loses contact with an insignificant model, a Blue condition is asserted on the model.

4. Check the EventDisp files located in the $SPECROOT/custom/Events directory on the SpectroSERVER system for any events that may assert a Blue condition. Using the following EventDisp entry as an example:

0xfff00001 E 70 A 6,0xfff00001

The highlighted number 6 tells Spectrum to assert a Blue condition on the model.