How to configure my DC to make use of new resources.
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How to configure my DC to make use of new resources.


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When installing PM components, memory usage is set by a combination of questions and automatic evaluation of the system resources.

If you increase memory on the host, you need to manually edit some files for PM to make use of these new resources.



Release : 20.2.*

Release : 21.2.*

Data Collector


Formula for memory allocation:

80% for the DC (Data Collector)

1000m (1g) for AMQ (Active MQ (data broker))


There will be 2 files to edit for the DC:

/opt/IMDataCollector/apache-karaf/bin/setenv - this is for runtime values.

/opt/DCM.cfg - this is for re-installs and upgrades to inherit current values.


Memory for AMQ is managed in:


Do not edit unless support Tells you to do so.


For the DC memory settings edit these files:

(this is the default path, your environment may vary)



Find and edit this line:

export IM_MAX_MEM=9566M




Find and edit this line:



stop the data collector process:

   systemctl stop dcmd

stop the activemq process:

   systemctl stop activemq

start Data Collector:

systemctl start dcmd

This will automatically restart activemq

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