processes probe: Internal error: Unable to find any processes


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


processes probe internal error


- possibly multiple see resolution


Component: UIMPRO


There are a number of options to handle this depending on the situation.

Try 'a)' first:

a) Enable the retry mechanism.

To enable the retry mechanism, make sure that you are running version 3.64 or above. Then edit the config file in Raw Configure mode. In the setup section there is a key "retry_discover_limit" which has to be set to the number of retries required. Please try to configure this key to 2 or 3 retries and let us know the results. (The maximum value is 10 retries - beyond this the probe will limit itself to 10.)

b) ...or in some cases, the user account which runs the robot does not have permission to use /dev/null but this usually involves the symptom of the probe not being able to start.

c) On some Unix systems we do not have access to the pstat command that the Nimsoft processes probe uses by default to list the processes. Using Raw Configure we can force the probe to use the /usr/bin/ps to gather information rather than using the systems pstat interface.

- Use Raw Configure to set "use_perf = no" in the setup section of the configuration to force the probe to use /usr/bin/ps to gather information rather than using the systems pstat interface.

Raw Configure is accessed by selecting the probe and holding down the SHIFT key, then rt-click to select Raw Configure.

If the key does not exist, ADD the key to the setup section, setting it to no.