VMware SD-WAN Software Versions: Recommended Releases
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VMware SD-WAN Software Versions: Recommended Releases


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VMware SD-WAN provides this recommended release document to help customers and partners to evaluate which version of our SD-WAN Software to upgrade or deploy.

VMware SD-WAN's purpose in publishing this KB article is to provide up-to-date information regarding the status of each release provided by VMware SD-WAN. For more information on supported releases refer to the SD-WAN product releases in the VMware Product Lifecycle Matrix.

If you are supported through a partner, work with your partner for help with determining the best version for your network.



VMware SD-WAN Edge Software releases are classified as follows:

RecentRecent release or the minor version has not reached significant field adoption.
RecommendedRecommended release for upgrades or new deployments. The recommended versions have significant field adoption of the minor version and usually have the latest fixes, performance, and security improvements.
🟦StableReleases that are GA with significant field adoption for the minor version and no major defects found and are considered stable.
Not RecommendedReleases with defects identified that can affect deployments and are not recommended by VMware SD-WAN.
Nearing End of General SupportReleases which are going End of General Support in the next 6 Months.
🛑End of General Support

No further updates or security patches will be produced, however support is still available. Please refer to the VMware Product Lifecycle Matrix for exact dates.


VMware SD-WAN Release List:

All release version numbers listed below are links to their release notes. In those release notes, you will find the current recommended build version as well as the release notes and known issues for the individual builds associated with that release.

With Release 5.0.0 a fourth digit is added to the version to note the rollup build. Rollup Builds for 4.x and earlier are distinguished by the image name's GA date.
Refer to the VMware SD-WAN Software Release Types and Software Upgrade Strategy for Orchestrators and Gateways article for more information on release numbering.

Special Note:

VMware SD-WAN is adopting a Long Term Release (LTS) and Short Term Release (STS) methodology. VMware SD-WAN generally recommends upgrading to the LTS release as these releases undergo additional testing and will have longer support cycles than the STS releases. If you need features not present in an LTS release, you will need to use an STS release with the intent to upgrade to the next LTS release when it is available.

The intent is to deprecate the current Recommended Release methodology in favor of recommending LTS releases, after the first LTS release (i.e., 5.2.3) meets all criteria of our current Recommended Release methodology.

For more information, please refer to our Long Term Release documentation .

End of Support Release Information

3.X:  https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/84151
4.X:  https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/88319

SASE/SD-WAN Releases

VersionRelease TypeEdgeGatewayOrchestrator

Edge End of Support*


** If you are are upgrading Edges past 5.0.1.X on the 5.X code train, VMware recommends upgrading to the LTS release (5.2.3.X) unless you need a feature in a later STS release.

  • The list above is provided as general guidance based on our engineering and field team recommendations.

  • If upgrading or deploying a new network, VMware SD-WAN recommends using the releases marked with green stars (or the LTS release) unless you need the features added in a later STS release.

    • These releases have the latest fixes, performance and security improvements and have been deployed to a significant amount of devices in the field.

  • VMware SD-WAN recommends deploying the latest patch and rollup version that is available for your minor code train (e.g., for the minor code train 5.2 the latest release is 5.2.X.Y), as these releases will have the latest fixes, performance and security improvements on that minor version.

  • Before choosing a version, it is important to review the available VMware SD-WAN Release Notes.

    • The Release Notes document which new features and enhancements have been added to the particular VMware SD-WAN software release branch.

    • The ".0" editions of Release Notes (e.g., 5.0.0, 5.4.0 etc.) are especially important as new features for that release branch are usually first introduced in these versions.

    • It is also important to review Release Notes for the listing of bug fixes and known issues included in that release to see if any may impact your network.

  • All models support all the supported releases. 

For more information on supported releases refer to the SD-WAN product releases in the VMware Product Lifecycle Matrix.

If you still have questions, please contact your support provider for further assistance. If you have support entitlement with VMware SD-WAN, please raise a Support Request .

Additional Information

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