Unable to find or download Automic Products from Broadcom Support Portal
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Unable to find or download Automic Products from Broadcom Support Portal


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Support Portal Licensing - Symantec Products Automation Analytics & Intelligence Automation Analytics & Intelligence CA Automic Applications Manager (AM) CA Automic Dollar Universe CA Continuous Delivery Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic Service Orchestration - Automation Engine Licensing-CA


You want to download Automic (formerly CA Automic) products on the Broadcom Support Portal, including:

  • Automic Automation Intelligence (Automic Automation Intelligence)
  • Automic Automation
  • Automic Analytics and Intelligence
  • Continuous Delivery Automation
  • Automic Workload Automation
  • Automic Service Orchestration


Unable to find the Automic product(s) on My Downloads section in the Broadcom Support portal. 


Register for a Broadcom Account

To download products, you must be a registered user on the Broadcom Support portal. You also need a Support Site ID and active contract for the products and solutions you want to download. If you need help obtaining or locating your Broadcom Support ID, see Manage Broadcom Site IDs or upgrade your account, or Add additional Site IDs to your Broadcom profile.

Download Automic products

To download Automic products:

  1. Visit https://downloads.automic.com/

  2. Log in with your Broadcom Credentials to access the products.

    Note: If you are SSO/IDP/Federated user use the link: https://downloads.automic.com/user and the portal will authenticate automatically using your SSO/IDP credentials. For any further assistance on SSO/IDP user login you can refer to this link: 

  3. Once you are logged in you will find the main list of products for automic on the home page.

  4. Select the specific product you are looking for and download the latest version and Bug fixes and other necessary.

Download Automic Components

If you're looking to download components like Applications Manager, Dollar Universe, and Sysload, follow these steps:

  1. Find them under the "Component Downloads" option on the main page, or select "Downloads" >> "Component Downloads" from the menu.

  2. You'll then see a list of download files, documents, and release notes organized by their release date for the selected components and versions.

  3.  If you're not sure which product a component belongs to, you can also search by the component name or sub-component name.

  4. Simply click on the file name, and you'll be able to download the product with ease.


The Automic Downloads portal offers additional features that can be really handy for users. Here's what you can find:

Product Life Cycle

You can check the Product Lifecycle of Automic products and their components. Just head to the "Downloads" Menu for this option.


Compatibility Matrix

Wondering if your product or components are compatible with your system's Platform, Database(s), or OS? The portal has you covered. Look for the Compatibility Matrix under the "Tools" Menu.

Once you're on the Compatibility Matrix page, you'll find various filters to help you narrow down compatibility details based on Automic, Components & Applications, Platforms, and Databases.

Additional Information

The portal also offers Documentation, Release Notes, Performance Matrix, and Runtime Estimation Assessments for all available Automic products.

If you need help with any of these steps or with specific product downloads, contact Broadcom Customer Care. You can also use our Virtual Chat in the lower-right corner of the Customer Support website.