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Create a Symantec Endpoint Encryption Client Report based on build number


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Symantec Endpoint Encryption 11.3.1 has custom reports that allow you to specify specific criteria for creating a report that may be able to fulfil specific reporting needs.  This report shows you how to build a report based on the build number of the SEE Client.


In this scenario, we are wanting to build a report of all the clients that are on build "272", which is the version for 11.3.1 GA.  For a complete listing of build numbers for all of the Symantec Endpoint Encryption clients, see the following article:

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For more detailed information on how to build the SEE Client reporting, see the following article:

195890 - Building Custom Reports with Symantec Endpoint Encryption Management Server


In order to build the custom report, login to the SEE Management Server.  Next, go to the reports listed on the left side (look for the binoculars icon).  Right-click the "Custom Reports", and click "New Report".  This will take you in to the Query Editor.  From here, fill in "272" for each of the following fields:

Management Agent

Drive Encryption

Removable Media Encryption

Add in any other items you would like to see, and build the report.  By default, this report will list all the machines that are on this specific build, along with Check in dates and other useful information.

Note: The "Client Version" option to select the specific version is missing 11.3.1 from the reporting, so the above is a good alternative to build a report that is still applicable to 11.3.1, but is based on the build number.  This is resolved in SEE 11.4.0.

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