MSP "scheduling conflict for summary task 0" message due to MSP Setting
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MSP "scheduling conflict for summary task 0" message due to MSP Setting


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Some projects are throwing the below error message when opening in Microsoft Project (MSP). They persist even after we save back to Clarity and open again. Is there a way to fix this?

"This action will cause a scheduling conflict for summary task 0 <task name>. To remove the constraint on the summary task, click OK. To undo the action that caused the conflict, click Cancel."


This is due to an incorrect setting for the project in MSP.  Scheduling options for this project should be set to Project Start Date instead of Current Date. 


Change Scheduling options for this project to Project Start Date:

  1. Open the project in MSP
  2. In MSP, click on File->Options
  3. Click on Schedule on the left-hand popup window
  4. Under "Scheduling options for this project", change "Autoscheduled tasks scheduled on" from Current Date to Project Start Date
  5. Click OK
  6. Once ready, save the project back to Clarity. 


It's recommended to review Configure default settings in MSP to use with Clarity to ensure all other required (and recommended settings where possible) are applied for all projects. 

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