MUX Timesheet available hours only use Standard calendar
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MUX Timesheet available hours only use Standard calendar


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MUX Timesheet total availability does not take into account resource calendar, or any other calendar but the Standard. The total number of hours (hrs) for you do not match your personal / assigned Calendar


  1. Connect to Clarity that has MUX Timesheets enabled with an admin user
  2. Go to Administration - Base Calendars
  3. Ensure the Standard calendar is 8 hours per day/40 per week
  4. Go to Edit Calendar Properties and ensure Standard is checked
  5. Set up two new calendars apart from the Standard one:
    • Calendar 1 for 37.5 hours per week 8-12 and 1-4:30
    • Calendar 2 for 43.5 hours per week 8-12 and 1-5:45
  6. Ensure Standard in Edit Calendar Properties is unchecked
  7. Now connect to Resources and pick two resources enabled for Timesheets
  8. Set one of them to use Calendar 1
  9. Set the other to use Calendar 2
  10. Now connect to MUX - Timesheets
  11. Filter on Resource 1 in My Timesheet/ Review and Approve and note the available time
  12. Now filter on Resource 2 in My Timesheet/ Review and Approve and note the available time

Expected Results: MUX Timesheets should show specific resource availability in timesheets

Actual Results: MUX Timesheets will only show Standard Calendar in My Timesheet/ Review and Approve pages


Release : 15.9.3, 16.0



This is tracked under DE62594. The change is due to the fix for defect DE60880 MUX Timesheet Availability does not match Classic (Days). The application is not designed to use the Resource Calendar in the Modern UX at the moment. It might have worked in an earlier version due to the use of some common components. However, this was not the expected behavior. This information is based on Development's review. 


Behavior has been updated in 16.0.1 and patched in and

Additional Information

Also see how to make sure timesheet totals are updated, if you just modify the Resource Calendar: MUX Timesheet Hours do not reflect the Resource Availability