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Symantec Endpoint Encryption Management Server OR Symantec Endpoint Encryption Configuration Manager does not open properly


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Endpoint Encryption


When attempting to open the Symantec Endpoint Encryption Configuration Manager errors are received:

Scenario 1:

"Symantec Endpoint Encryption Management Server database connection parameters are incorrect.  Enter correct parameters to change the configuration settings of the Management Server"

Another behavior is you are prompted for credentials when you attempt to open the SEE Management Server.


Scenario 2: Post upgrade, the following error is observed:

After this is finished, the Configuration Manager comes up and displays the following message upon trying to save:


Potential Resolution Scenario 1:

In order to open the SEE Configuration Manager or the SEE Management Server, the account you are logging in to the Windows Server as must also have database permissions.

The minimum database requirements for this configuration is "db_reader", "db_writer", and "public".  As long as you have all these database permissions, you should be able to open both of the above with no errors or prompts.

For example, if a user "Sally" is attempted to open any of the above applications, Sally must be added as a user to the SEE Database and given the above permissions.  If not, then when Sally opens the application, a prompt may appear.  Until those credentials are entered, the server will not launch properly.  The SEE Configuration Manager may open, but will not populate all the normal fields on the left side and present the error message.

Make sure you give the users proper permissions, or when you launch these applications, run them as the users who do have the permissions.


Potential Resolution Scenario 2:

The above error indicates the installer being used is an older version than what is actually installed.  Since the names of the SEE Management Server Suite MSI files are always given the same name, regardless of version, double check the installer to make sure it's the correct version.  Use Checksums to validate the proper installation file is being used.

For example, for this scenario SEE 11.3.1 MP1 was installed on two servers. Once server was upgraded to 11.3.1 MP1, but the other server still needed to be upgraded. Upon attempting to upgrade, the 11.3.1 installer was used, but not the 11.3.1 MP1 installer.  This is why the database version shows incorrectly in the error.  It will be necessary to uninstall the SEE Management Server on the affected server, and then do a new install with the correct installer.

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